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Water War

I had a really interesting conversation with Master Frugal this weekend while we were at Sunderland Airshow watching the Battle of Britain memorial flight which is made up (I think) of a Lancaster Bomber, a spitfire and a Hurricane.

He turned around to me and asked me why countries have wars!

Good question.  And clearly one that is way too complex to discuss in any detail with an eight year old but I do always try to answer questions honestly and in a way that can be understood by children so I stayed silent for a minute while I thought of the best way to answer this one.

But then he said something else, something that people like David Cameron, Barrack Obama and other world leaders would do well to listen to:

If people don’t get along and can’t make friends, they should just avoid each other. People choose to have a war don’t they so they should just choose not to instead.

What can you say to that?


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