This week’s meal plan – the good weather edition….

You may have noticed that there’s an unfamiliar looking yellow ball in the sky giving off heat.  That would be the Sun and it’s so rarely seen in the UK that our meals this week are mostly cooked in the slow cooker so we can make the most of it while we have it.

I can prepare everything on the morning before I go to work and then the dinner can be cooking all day in the slow cooker.  That means we can go straight out after school to the park or the beach or wherever and know that the tea will be ready whenever we get in.  Voila!


Slow cooker brisket



Mini muffin pizzas – Using some ham, pineapple and mushrooms for topping with Salad and homemade potato wedges to go with them.

mini muffin pizzas


Slow cooker chicken curry with naan breads

slow cooker chicken curry


Possibly slow cooker barbecue pulled pork sandwiches with salad and coleslaw



Slow cooker sausage, bean and chorizo casserole



Spaghetti Carbonara


For more meal planning inspiration, pop over to At home with Mrs M and have a look through the meal plan linky.

Preventing Sunburn - It's not rocket science you know....
An explosion in the kitchen....


  1. kimmer2111 says

    Ohh everything looks and sounds fab!!
    I like the look of the Mini muffin pizzas….So cute :)