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Quick Craft – Make an Olympic Trophy….

A couple of years ago we made some trophies out of a toilet roll, a piece or card and some shiny gold paint and today, when I read that Maggy from RedTedArt was having a bit of an Olympic Get Crafty, I decided to dust off our trophy post and share it with you again.  After all, you never know when you’re going to need to make a trophy at short notice, especially during the Olympics ;-)

For each trophy you need two pieces of card cut out in the shape of a trophy, just a bit bigger than your toilet roll.  I’m really not very arty but I managed to make one and then used it as a template for the other one.

We painted them in a spangly gold colour that we had left over from christmas and managed to make very little mess for a change – well done kids!

When the paint is dry, glue one onto each side of your toilet roll and then stand them up and use a bit of sellotape to attach the two pieces of card together on each side.

Finally, take a photo of your two children accepting their awards – hopefully yours will look a little bit more enthusiatic than my two, who were quite clearly more interested in admiring their handiwork!

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