A Sad Day and a New Challenge….

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Now, on to the sad part of the post – Today’s the day I’ve finally got rid of my gorgeous Smeg Fridge.  We’ve had loads of problemssince we bought it form someone I know from work, the seal went on the door, the freezer compartment door snapped and it started leaking every few weeks so when it leaked again last night we decided to put it in the garage and bring back in our old fridge freezer again.  To be fair, our old fridge freezer is in fantastic condition, we only moved it out when we had the chance to buy the Smeg off a friend but still, it’s doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the Smeg did.  Look, this is what I had:

And now this is what I have now:

Even with the cleverly placed fridge magnets that Mr Frugal added to the door:

I know there’s much bigger things to worry about in the world but still…. I did love my fridge ;-(

Anyway, I’m going to put it on Ebay as spares or repair to try and get some money for it to add to my new challenge fund.  Which brings me nicely on to sharing my new challenge with you.  I’ve decided that now we’re managing (only just) with my part time wages, we’re going to try and pay off our credit cards which is something I would love to do.  We built up our credit card debt when I was off on maternity leave and added to it gradually over the years until a couple of years ago when we decided we were going to stop using them and try and pay them off.  It didn’t quite work out that way as even though we stopped using the cards for the most part, we still only ever paid the minimum payment as we always seemed to have other things that we needed to spend our money on.

We’re going to ebay, carboot and use any extra money we have to try and pay off the debts one by one, starting with our Tesco credit card which has a balance on there of £460.  If anyone wants to join me, you’re more than welcome to join in and share tips with me on how to make a bit of extra money to help. 

Wish me luck….

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  1. says

    Bummer about the fridge! :( On the upside, I et your new fridge is a lot more energy efficient! Maybe you'll save a few $$ on electricity! 😉

    Good luck paying off your c.c's! :)

    • cass@frugalfamily says

      I'm still gutted about it but I never thought of that so you've made me feel a little better x

  2. says

    Sorry about you're Smeg :(

    With regards to your challenge …. when i go shopping, my supermarket receipt always says in big letters YOU SAVED £2.36, or something to that effect. Whatever money I've "saved" I pop in a pot to save up for big expenses like car tax, things I can't pay monthly xx

  3. mum in meltdown says

    I'm impressed with your conviction. We have a small amount remaining on a credit card from last year ( when my OH paid on the card to take me to Venice for my 40th). We firmly believe that we want to live without a credit card and if we can't afford it we won't get it!! It is hard going- just done a post today about everything needing paying at the same time….and then an unexpected expense happens. Good luck to you, you seem to be very determined :)

    • cass@frugalfamily says

      Thank you – that always happens doesn't it. You just get into a position where you have a little but spare and then something disastrous happens!

  4. says

    Great idea! We did this a few years ago and the relief is huge. We've reduced the credit limit to €1000, and rarely use it now. if we do, we pay the balance every month. Best of luck! xxx