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Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {25th January 2015}….

5 frugal things

I bet you all do lots of frugal money saving things on a daily basis without even thinking about it!  They’re just things that make complete sense to you and you do them without even thinking about it aren’t they?

But sometimes, until someone points something out to you, it doesn’t even occur to you so I thought I’d do a post each week to share some of the frugal things I’ve done that week with you all.

Five frugal things I’ve done this week:

1.  I’ve redecorated Master Frugal’s bedroom on a budget and although I’ll be telling you more about that next week, I can tell you that I got the bed frame for free from a Facebook selling site that I checked on the off chance that someone was selling one cheaper than the one I’d just ordered online and the desk I got for a massive bargain thanks to an online voucher that I found and used.

2.  I’ve cancelled the payment to Master Frugal’s judo club and emailed them to let them them know that he’s not going to be going for the forseeable future.  He’s joined an after-school basketball club on the same day as Judo which he’s enjoying more than he’s enjoying his judo and although he was doing both for a while, he just doesn’t have the energy to do both right now and judo is always the club he ends up missing.  I’ve known for a while that I was going to have to cancel but it’s a busy class and I didn’t want to lose his space but there’s no point paying for something that we’re not going to be using is there?

Yorkshire puddings

3.  We used up the various different single portion leftovers from the freezer by having one night where we all had something different.  Between us we had beef stew, minced beef and onions, chicken casserole and sausage, bean and chorizo casserole and all I had to cook on the night was a batch of Yorkshire puddings and some frozen mixed veg to go with them.

4.  Whilst sorting out Master Frugal’s bedroom, I’ve set aside lots of things that will be be great for our first car boot sale of the year.  Lots went to the charity shop but the really good stuff has been put in the car boot sale box in the garage so it’s ready to go when we decide to do one.  We also put a bulky wooden unit from his room in our front garden with a sign on saying it was free to anyone who wanted it rather than it gathering dust in our garage )it was gone within the hour).

homemade quiche

5.  I made a quiche using up some leftover things in the bottom of the fridge this week rather than let them go to waste.  The quiche was lovely and we actually had it as a meal with some homemade sweet potato fries rather than something we had planned so I saved that for next week which will save me on next week’s shopping budget.

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10 Social Media Lessons your child needs to learn….

10 social media lessons your child needs to learn

Social Media is great – used correctly it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, to meet like minded people and even to follow your favourite celebrities and brands.

But there’s a different side to social media, the side that I don’t want my children to experience but that I’m having to consider now that Miss Frugal is coming to the age where she is asking if she can have her own Facebook and twitter account.

Lots of her friends already have them but I’m reluctant for many reasons not least because the age restrictions are there for a reason and to join, I would have to allow her to lie about her age which means that the targeted advertising on both networks will think she’s older than she is!

She turns 13 this year which means that it’s going to happen at some point in the near future so we’ve been preparing a little bit by letting her have own YouTube and Instagram accounts and beginning to talk to her about the do’s and don’ts of how to behave on social media.

Budding Instagrammers taking a photo of their pancakes before eating them!

Budding Instagrammers taking a photo of their pancakes before eating them!

And if you’re thinking that you’re children are too young for Twitter and Facebook then it might be worth considering that YouTube is also a Social Media platform as well as many games that younger children can play on like MovieStarPlanet where online chat is allowed.

These are the things that we’ve talked about recently to make sure that she stays safe online:

1.  Any accounts will be set up by me so I am fully aware of the password and no changes to this can be made.  I need to know about any social apps that she downloads before she does anything so I can check it out, Google it and read any reviews before I decide if she’s allowed.

2.  Accounts will be set to private so any followers need to verified by me (unless she goes to school with them) before being accepted.

3.  If there’s anyone that she wants to follow who is not personally known to her then she needs to run it by me before she follows.  I then check the account and decide if it’s appropriate.

4.  She must never disclose any personal information on her accounts – no age, no location and no other personal info.  This includes little things like posting photos of her in her school uniform and making sure location services is turned off.  Even though her accounts are private, you just never know on social media so it’s always better to be safe.

5.  No being mean to other people in any way, even if she thinks it’s a joke.  What one person thinks is funny could upset someone and there is no way I want her involved in anything like that.

6. No sharing photos of her friends without with them checking first and even then it’s not always appropriate.  For example, on Instagram she isn’t allowed to share photos of people who aren’t on Instagram at all even if they say it’s OK.

7. She needs to understand that when something is posted on social media then it’s out there and can’t always be taken back.  Even deleting something won’t help if someone has taken a screen shot!

8. A photo, private message or a DM isn’t always private – it just takes one person to share the contents of the message and everyone knows about it!  She knows not to share anything in a message that she wouldn’t share publicly.

9. Because of the nature of sharing on social media, it’s entirely possible that a post she makes now can reach half way round the world and certainly around the people in her school in a very short space of time.

10.  We’ve talked a lot about what she should do if someone ever makes her feel uncomfortable in any way – be it bullying, sharing inappropriate things or anything else at all, no matter how small she may think it is.  She knows she can come to me about anything.

I know I said 10 Social Media lessons but actually, I thought of a few more while I was writing them so here’s a few more quick ones for you….

11.  There’s an unfollow button – don’t be afraid to use it.

12.  Not everyone is who they say they are!

13. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.

14. Read what you’ve written twice before hitting enter and always think carefully about whether it’s OK to post.

15. Never click on an advert or any other links.

I’m confident that she understands my rules and that she’ll stick to them but I won’t be leaving it to chance and she is fully aware that I’ll be checking up on her from time to time.

Can you think of anything else?

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Please don’t tell the kids that I’ve shared these videos….

Look at these cute (but not great quality) videos I just found while I was in the process of tidying up my YouTube channels.

This first one is a very cute seven year old Miss Frugal telling you all how to bake a cake….

I also found this one which brings back a few nightmares (fast forward to around 10 seconds before the end and you’ll see what I mean)…

And this one which make my ears hurt….

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to transfer them to my new YouTube channel but I don’t think you can so I thought I’d share them on here instead.

Let’s just hope the kids don’t see!

Tried and tested super easy Muffin recipe….

Super easy muffin recipe

What if I told you that I had a super easy muffin recipe that you can use as a base for all your favourite sweet muffin flavours?  What if I then told you that this super easy muffin recipe freezes really well so you can make a week’s worth of packed lunch treats in one go?

Would you be excited?  Have I whipped you up into a muffin frenzy yet?

Feel free to roll your eyes at this point but in my defence, I’m sat here eating one of the muffins that I made earlier and it really is delicious.  I use the same recipe every time as a base and just change the flavours around depending on what we have in and what we fancy.  I’ve probably shared the recipe with you all before at some point (I’ve just checked and it was five years ago – wow) but because I don’t want you to miss out, I’m going to share my favourite easy muffin recipe with you again today. ;-)

Super Easy Muffin Recipe

300g Self Raising Flour
150g Sugar
1 Egg
175 ml Milk
125 ml vegetable oil
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour and the sugar together.
  • In a jug (just because it’s easier to pour) mix the egg, milk and oil together.
  • Pour the combine liquids into the bowl with the flour and sugar and give it a good mix.
  • The result should be slightly lumpy but with no clumps of dried flour or sugar left.
  • Add in your flavouring – I’ve got lots of ideas below on what you can use – today I used 2 bananas and 4 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter.
  • Bake in a pre heated oven at around 190 c for 20-25 minutes.
  • Depending on your flavour combination, you might like to sprinkle some brown sugar on the top of your muffins when they come out of the oven for a little crunch.

easy muffin recipe - banana and peanut butter muffins

I’ve also made some cheese and ham muffins which are going down just as well as the banana and peanut butter muffins but I’ll share that recipe next week.

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