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The odd sock mystery….

how to avoid odd socks

One morning last week we were due to meet friends of ours at the local park for a catch up and I stupidly left the kids in bed as late as possible so they could catch up on some much needed sleep.

I ended up getting them up half an hour before we were due to leave and had a little smug smile to myself when they were up dressed, washed and sat on the settee munching on a chocolate croissant with a glass of milk with five minutes to spare.

Unfortunately, the smugness was wiped off my face when I sent Master Frugal to put his socks on!

He could find lots of socks – that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that, according to him, none of the socks he found matched any of the others.

Refusing to believe this, I marched upstairs, determined to find a pair of socks. But he was right and as I sat in the middle of his floor surrounded by a pile of odd socks my first thought was that this issue must be addressed with a ’10 ways to avoid odd socks’ type post.

My second thought was clearly that we were going to be late and that I was going to have to force Master Frugal to wear odd socks! He ended up (after a battle) with one sock with a mustache on it and another sock with some super hero on it. Both rolled so far down that they couldn’t be seen above the top of his high tops anyway!

So with the odd sock crisis averted temporarily, I thought I’d share my top 10 ways to avoid odd socks:

  1. Buy a pack of socks where every sock is identical.  Master Frugal now has a 14 identical socks – all of which have 13 potential partners and not just one.
  2. Everyone is under strict instruction now that they must roll their socks into a ball before putting them in the wash basket which avoids the potential of the wash basket eating just one sock.
  3. I will unravel them when I put them in the washer so they’re washed properly but I’m going to pair them up again when I peg them on the line again.
  4. There’s a gap between my washer and the kitchen counter above it so any socks that are separated from their buddies will be dried and then squished in the gap until we find their friend or until I give up hope.

There, that’s all I have!

I couldn’t get to ten I’m afraid but I think the four I have are good enough to solve the problem. ;-)

70 Frugal and Fun Autumn Activities to do with the kids….

After all of the fun and adventures that we’ve had over the Summer, it’s easy to just sit back in September and do pretty much nothing other than snuggle on the settee and relax. But you really don’t need to let the fun stop just because school has started again and I have lots of ideas to help you have as much family fun as possible this Autumn.

70 frugal and fun things to do with your family.

Go for a nature walk and collect some of the lovely colourful leaves that you see along the way.

Make a collage with the leaves you’ve collected.

Don’t go inside when it rains, put on your wellies and splash in the puddles.


If you spot a rainbow, go on a hunt to find the end of it.


Do the Diet Coke and Mentos challenge.

Have an ice cream at the beach.

Play hide and seek together at the park.

10. Summer walks on the beach.

Have a trip to your local beach – they’re just as much fun when the sun isn’t shining.

Go for a family bike ride.

Remember elastics from school – teach the kids to play.

Make pom pom creatures.

Use fabric pains and customise some plain white t-shirts.

skate park johnny

Find a local skate outdoor skate park, wrap up warm and head there.  The colder it is, the less people there’ll be.

Recycle your sweet wrappers.

Find out what’s going on at your local museums and pop along to any activities or exhibits that you think might be interesting.

Collect conkers from your local park.

Make musical shakers.


Go to the park and feed the ducks.

Learn how to make your conkers into champions that will win any battle.

Make ice cream cone cup cakes.

Make bookmarks together.

Read a book together and then google activities relating to the book – you’ll find so much to do.

See what’s on at your local leisure centre and join a new club.

Try the malteser challenge.

Start a reading challenge.

milk jelly 3

Make Milk Jelly.

Let the kids cook tea – we have kids takeover night once a week.

Make your own books and write stories.

Have a midnight feast.

Make story cards.

Have a car boot sale ready to pay for all your Autumn fun.

Plan a weekly trip to your library.

Make your own board game.

Have a pillow fight.

Have a board game afternoon and play ALL of your board games.

ice skating

Go ice skating.

Make salt dough.

Collect some stones from the beach or from your walk and make them into animals.

Try Geocaching.

Make a cake in a cup.

Have a picnic on the living room floor.

Make a family time capsule and bury it in the garden (or hide it in the loft).

Make a sock puppet (also useful as a draft excluder if you make a long one).

Have a baking day.

gloop 1Have fun with Gloop.

Sew something together.

Build a den.

Make cookies.

Go find somewhere new to explore – the woods, a new park, a national trust or English heritage property.

Take your sledge and go sledging on the sand dunes.

potion in a pan

Make a potion – just don’t eat it!

Have a camp out in the back garden.

Embrace technology with the kids and discover some new favourite websites.

Have a pyjama day and watch films all day.

homemade cinnamon stick tree decorations

Make some pretty Christmas decorations.

Go for a walk in the dark and see what stars you can spot (a free app can be a great help).

Have a family sleepover in the living room.

Toast marshmallows .

Go on Youtube and search funny things

bubble 3

Make homemade Bubbles.

Make a treasure hunt.

Learn ten words in a different language

Play in the garden even in the cold – our trampoline is popular no matter what the weather!

Make homemade play dough

Make and decorate paper airplanes

sketching at the beach

Go somewhere new with your sketch pads and pencils.

Go on a photo walk and take photos of anything that catches your eye.

Make a photo collage of all your favourite photos.

Get started making your Christmas cards.

De-clutter your bedrooms – ready for all the new things that Santa will bring.

Play charades.

Play pictionary with lego – it’s lots more fun trying to guess what someone’s building.

There you go.

I got a bit carried away and you got 71 ideas and not 70 and considering I started this post months ago and have been randomly adding to it every now and again, it may even get higher. ;-)

Have fun having fun.

Monday’s Parenting Pin It Party….


Don’t tell anyone but I’m a day late posting my Parenting Pin It Party post – I have an excuse though so I don’t think I’ll get  in to too much trouble.  I’ve been preparing for Miss Frugal’s 12th Birthday which has involved a cake which was way more complex that my limited cake baking skills could handle!

Anyway, now that the cake has been cut and the guests have gone home, I can sit down and tell you that the very lovely Katie is hosting this week’s Parenting Pin It Party  and would love you to join in by linking up a favourite family post that you’ve written.  It’s really is as easy as that if you want to join in – just add the link to your post to the linky and add  the badge to your post (not required but it’s always very nice to).

Sometime this week Katie will swing by to your blog and pin your post to the Parenting Party Pinterest board (which is a fab resource if you have a few minutes to check it out).  Next week’s host will then choose  her favourite two posts to be featured in their post next Monday.

Parenting Pin It Party Badge Monday Parenting Pin It Party #21

The Parenting Pin it Party is co-hosted each week by myself, Romanian MumKiddy ChartsMum of OneMummy AlarmAll you need is love and cake and The Fairy and the Frog.


Happy 12th Birthday Miss Frugal….

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, clever, kind, cheeky, fun little girl.

I love you millions and billions and infinity plus one.

Love Mam x x

happy 12th birthday