Our week in pictures (and a few words) – Week 6….

Well, I’m still hanging in there with taking a photo a day…. Just!

I know I keep whinging that we’re not very well but every time one of shakes this cold, another one gets it back!  We’re all shattered and poor Master Frugal has bags under his eyes the size of suitcases from lack of sleep from coughing, sniffing and general bleugh-ness.  Miss Frugal’s managed to pick up an ear infection as well which resulted in a trip to the out of hours doctors and anothe enforced weekend of staying in.

Can you tell I’m really fed up with it all now?

Even so, we’ve still had a nice week.

  1. Master Frugal has a thing about monkeys – he loves them and has about six cuddly ones that live on his bed.  This is Bob and he’s the favourite one of the moment.  Bob’s mum is called Betty and is currently laid snuggled up on the bed with Mickey and Picallily!
  2. Aaaaaw.  This picture is pride of place on my fridge door at the minute.
  3. Ice creams in February – how ridiculous?  Or, how fun?  Anyone who loves near me will know that there is a cafe that are renowned for their gorgeous ice lemon top ice creams so on Monday, we went there for ice creams after school.  It was pouring with sleety rain and blowing a gale and we were the only people in the ice cream shop sat overlooking the beach and it was great.  We might do sundaes on Mondays more often.
  4. I couldn’t do a weekly photo round up without cakes, could I?
  5. We had a lull in the coughing and sniffling on Wednesday so we decided to take the opportunity to go swimming as we haven’t been in ages.  The pool was practically empty and Master Frugal only got told off twice – once for trying to be Tom Daly and diving in backwards and the other time for doing a handstand in the path of a very serious man who doesn’t think children should be allowed to go swimming when other people are trying to swim.  Ooops.
  6. This is Buddy being carried home from his walk because he got tired!  We didn’t walk far as we didn’t have the energy too but half way home he decided that enough was enough and he wasn’t going to walk another step.  We ended up carrying him the rest of the way home.
  7. Seeing as we’ve spent a lot of time indoors lately, we’ve been playing a lot of games.  Top trumps is always a good one and this one is baby animals top trumps so you can’t help but say ‘aaaah’ every time you look at a card.
  8. Master Frugal is looking very tired at the minute – he looks like he could sleep for a week.
  9. We’ve spent a lot of time playing board games these last few weeks.  We’re loving Cluedo at the minute although I never seem to win!
Hopefully this time next week, I won’t be whinging about poorly people and I might have some more interesting photos to share….
Keep your fingers crossed for me 😉
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  1. says

    Ice-cream and cakes make everything better! We haven't been swimming since last August because of The Boy's dodgy ear problems, can't wait for the Spring!

    Thanks for linking up (new linky live from 8pm Saturday)

  2. says

    Oh dear, it seems to be one bug or illness after another at the moment – surely this must be the end of it for you all! Looks like you've managed to make the most of the week. Love that Buddy knew what he wanted and got himself a lift home, but my fave is Bob and Master F – very cute! Get well soon everyone.

  3. Nikki Thomas says

    You've done well to keep going with everyone being poorly. I have a bad cold and have struggled this week. Cakes look lovely.

  4. says

    so sorry you have been suffering with poorly-ness again! just the time of year for it i guess. great photos – how lovely is number two and number four (but for different and more yummy reasons lol) . x

  5. says

    Hope everyone is well again soon, we've just got over both the boys being ill and now hubby has 'man flu' *sigh*. Cakes look yummy by the way!