What to do with your leftover Christmas chocolate….

If you’re house is anything like ours, leftover chocolate is about as rare as left over wine for most of the year.  But around this time every year (and again at Easter) we seem to have masses of it!

Our favourite way to use up any leftover chocolate is to melt it all together in a bowl, add some plates of chopped fruit, some marshmallows and maybe some cookies and give everyone a kebab skewer (or a fork) and away you go.

This is easily the easiest to make and funnest to eat (not a word I know) pudding that I know….

I don’t like to brag but I *may* possibly have secured the Mother of the Year Award with this one 😉

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  1. notjustgreenfingers says

    I did this with my daughters and their friends when they were younger and it went down a storm!

  2. says

    I thought that this was going to be a quick post and just say 'Eat it!' The chocolate kebab idea is a great one too but a little extra work. x