How to have a Frugal Christmas – Snowman Soup….

The first of my ‘How to have a Frugal Christmas’ series of posts was all about deciding who you were buying for, setting a budget and finding great deals for your gifts but not all Christmas presents have to be bought, in fact, some of the best presents can be homemade.  My issue with homemade presents is that I like them to look good and not look to homemade if you see what I mean.  That’s why I love making Snowman Soup with the kids, because it’s so easy and usually the finished products looks good enough to not look too homemadey!  Because I’m such a lovely blogger, I thought I’d share my step by step instructions to make your own snowman soup, I’ve even included a free printable tag that you can use….

So, this is what you’ll need if you want to make Snowman Soup – Enough drinking chocolate to make two cups, mini marshmallows, chocolate buttons, a candy cake, two cellophane cone bags (I bought mine of ebay really cheaply) and some curling ribbon.

Spoon the drinking chocolate into one of the cones and using a small amount of the curling ribbon, tie the bag up and cut the excess cellophane off.

Pop the tied up cellophane bag into the other cellophane bag and add a handful of mini marshmallows, making sure you cover the tied up top of the hot chocolate bag.


 On top of the mini marshmallows, add some chocolate buttons.

Tie the top of the bag up with some curling ribbon.

Tie a candy cane to the bag with some more curling ribbon.

I usually print out a gift tag like the one I’ve made here (my printer is having an off day so I’ll add it later to this one) or ask the kids to hand write and decorate a tag to add to the Snowman Soup.

Snowman Soup makes a great gift for teachers and grandparents and is really cheap to make in bulk.  I bought around 50 cellophane cone bags on eBay for about three pounds and everything else can be picked up quite cheaply when you do your weekly shopping.

Half Term at the National Railway Museum in York....
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  1. lesley says

    What size cone bags do you use, had a look on ebay and there's so many different sizes. Thank you

  2. ley2602 says

    I love cellophane cone bags, we use them all year around they're much cheaper than party bags too but much prettier.x

  3. says

    I love these, what a simple but great idea! Thank you so much for linking up, please come back if you've got any more ideas xx

  4. indreamworld says

    Hi, thanks for sharing that! I've heard of snowman soup before but never knew what it was. Now I do, so thanks for the instructions, I might just make some for Christmas….

  5. says

    That's a great idea. I was going to make cookies in a jar for my teacher gifts but these may be even cheaper and quicker to make.