Review: Our afternoon at Cadbury World….

We’ve been trying to fit in a visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham for a while now but it wasn’t until last week that we actually managed to get there and it was only in the car on the way there that I discovered that everyone had their own reasons for being excited about going.  You see, I was looking forward to it just because I like to visit new and interesting places with the kids but Mr Frugal was only coming along because he’d heard there would be free chocolate and the kids just wanted to meet an Oompa Loompa 😉

We all enjoyed our visit but Miss Frugal in particular had a great afternoon and asked if she could be the one to tell you all about it so I’ll just let her get on with it:


When we got there, we went straight to the Essence tasting factory and we learnt how Mr Cadbury perfected his delicious chocolate. We got given a cup of melted chocolate with a choice of rice crispies, marshmallows, milk chocolate buttons or jelly babies.  I choose marshmallows.It was gorgeous.


Next we went back to the main building to take our tour.we got given 2 bars of chocolate a Wispa and Crunchie. When we entered we went through a fake forest and learnt how chocolate was discovered and brought back to the UK. We also saw Mr Cadbury’s  first shop and were told how well he treated his employees. I would of  loved working for him.


Next we watched 2 shows 1 where the seats moved like a 4d ride and the 2nd 1 was how they made the cocoa into chocolate. I liked them both. After the show there was machines that you could go on and see how roses and cream eggs where made. Next we went to the packaging area and we got MORE chocolate we got another tub of melted chocolate. It was delicious!


Next we got to write our name in chocolate and we also got to watch a man make roses they looked gorgeous. Sadly we could not eat them though. We got to watch all the old adverts my fave was where there was a gorilla playing the drums. After that it was the shop we bought a chocolate fridge magnet as a souvenir to remember Cadburys world.  Before we left, we bought a drink from the cafe. I bought a water.  I really enjoyed myself i would recommend this to lots of  people.

So it’s clear that Miss Frugal really enjoyed herself isn’t it?

We did have a good time although the weather was awful so we couldn’t play in the outside play areas when we were there – as it was I don’t think we could have spent a full day there but if the weather was better we would have loved the play areas and there were some walks around the building that you could do which looked like they would have been nice in better weather – if we’d been able to do them then we would have been there for quite a bit longer I think!

Oh and in case you hadn’t gathered from Miss Frugal’s review, Mr Frugal was more than happy with the amount of chocolate he came home with and there wasn’t an Oompa Loompa in sight – it must have been there day off 😉

Thanks to Cadbury World for inviting us.



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