80 ideas for your bored jar….

Do you have a Bored Jar?

80 ideas for your bored jar
I’ve seen a few posts lately (like this one from Jen) about people making ‘I’m bored’ jars filled with ideas that are randomly chosen whenever anyone mentions the dreaded bored word and a quick search on Pinterest tells me that the makeshift jam jar filled with bits of folded paper is woefully inadequate* – just have a look at this little lot.

(*only joking, it’s the ideas that count not the presentation although there are some works of art on there aren’t there?)

We decided to update our I’m bored jar and make our own version using coloured lolly sticks instead of paper – partly because we have about a thousand of these things in our craft cupboard and partly because Miss Frugal started writing our ideas out on bits of paper and I was irrationally irritated by the fact that all of her pieces of paper were different sizes and folded in different ways!


Here’s some of the things I wrote on our lolly sticks for our bored jar:

  1. Read a book
  2. Write in your holiday book
  3. Tidy your bedroom
  4. Do one job
  5. Draw something
  6. Draw an animal
  7. Draw our house
  8. Paint something
  9. Watch a movie
  10. Make a gift for someone
  11. Tidy your desk
  12. Make homemade bubbles
  13. Have a bubble bath
  14. Make cupcakes
  15. Play on Moshi Monsters
  16. Go on Youtube and search funny things
  17. Make homemade Bubbles
  18. Make Gloop
  19. Make a treasure hunt
  20. Make something with a box
  21. Story starting – There is a monster in my garden….
  22. Story starting – Yesterday I went in a spaceship to….
  23. Story starting  – There once was a little girl who liked to skip….
  24. Write a story about you.
  25. Go to the park
  26. Go to the beach
  27. Find shapes in clouds
  28. Create a family flag
  29. Make a musical instrument
  30. Do the recycling
  31. Build a time capsule
  32. Find something in your house that starts with every letter of the alphabet
  33. Have a picnic – indoor or outdoor. Teddies allowed.
  34. Have a scooter race.
  35. Play with a toy you haven’t played with in a while.
  36. Learn ten words in a different language
  37. Play on the trampoline
  38. Make homemade play dough
  39. Make and decorate paper airplanes
  40. Let Dad choose something to do
  41. Let Mam choose something to do
  42. Walk the dog
  43. Make an animal out of the things in the craft cupboard
  44. Make something with a box
  45. Make a den
  46. Play guitar
  47. Tidy under your bed
  48. Look through the cook books and choose something you can cook us all for tea
  49. Build something out of Lego.
  50. Make a list of black and white animals.
  51. Write three things about every
  52. Paint your nails
  53. Make a sock puppet
  54. Have a bubble bath
  55. Play a board game
  56. Make a board game of your own
  57. Customise your clothes
  58. Make something with your buttons
  59. Play on the Xbox
  60. Play on the wii
  61. Draw a picture blindfolded
  62. Draw a picture with your feet
  63. Make a video
  64. Write a poem
  65. Google something to make
  66. Make a card pyramid
  67. Go and collect some stones and make them into bugs
  68. Dance to loud music
  69. Play on the trampoline
  70. Start a club with your friends
  71. Tidy craft cupboard
  72. Sew something
  73. Bake cookies
  74. Play out with friends
  75. Ride your bike
  76. Water balloon fight
  77. Wash the car
  78. Play with the chalks outside
  79. Make a bookmark
  80. Make some homemade ice lollies

I wrote them all on a coloured lolly stick, stuck them in a jar and voila, we have our own version of the I’m bored Jar!  The top four ideas are in there about four times each I think as they’re the things I really want to make sure that they do throughout the holidays.


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  2. says

    What a fab idea. I simply loved it. Although it was things to do when bored, I liked the idea of using coloured lolly sticks to even write my to do list every day. At the end of the day i would be happy if my jar is empty. Good points on things to do when bored too.

    Keep sharing more such ideas.

  3. says

    Oh my goodness – what a simple but brilliant idea! Thanks so much – Totally gonna make one of these to keep me sane through the 6 weeks! Loving it at the moment, but I'm guessing by week 5 I'll be all about the rainbow lollipop sticks! x

  4. says

    Woaww, haha, seriously long list and some good ideas….I'll think about these next time I get bored.

  5. says

    What an amazing idea – I think this is going to be one of the first things we do this holidays – maybe we do NEED more ice-cream.

  6. coombemill says

    Wow that is one cool list. No excuse for anyone to be bored this summer in your house! Popping over from the Pin it party

  7. Mammasaurus says

    I love the idea of writing on the lolly sticks! Popping over from the Parenting Pin It Party !

  8. sarahlashbrook says

    Love your ideas! I am pinning this so that I can use it as a jumping off place for our own jar. My kids are a little young for some of these ideas, but they're great for the future :)

  9. says

    Great list! Might need to make my own jar of these. It’s our winter break now so some more active indoors activities are in order :)

  10. Carol says

    Brilliant idea. I've changed some of the ideas to fit in with us. I have also made up a bored bag with some of my daughters things that she's not had out for a while or forgotten about.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  11. says

    Fabulous idea. Why not replace the you tube option with, make a how to video on how we made this bored box project or another baking/making activity and upload it at kiddify.com. it is a Brsnd new you tube for kids, by kids in the making