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Unusual Places to read a book….

Our school have been setting us some unusual challenges recently.

The letter we got last week instructed us to take a photograph of our child reading in an unusual place!  After a few failed attempts (including a climbing wall and the sea), we ended up with these pictures….

Now on to this weeks challenge – we have to decorate an egg and take care of it for a week!  A whole week without it cracking is highly unlikely considering ours have already been on the trampoline because they wanted to play out.  We also have to write a diary for our eggs and take our fragile friends to visit lots of ‘interesting’ places.

I’m sure our homework used to be easier than this when I was at school ;-)

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2 comments to Unusual Places to read a book….

  • Ahh that is so cool! That would be pretty hard to read a book on the trampoline!
    I remember doing the egg thing at primary school but it was only for two days I think! We had to keep 'Flat Stanley' for a week and take him places! I remember taking him in my dolls buggy to the park, I must have got some rather strange looks having a laminated paper boy in a buggy..

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