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Quick update on our search for a Knitting Nana….

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about our search for a knitting Nana to help Miss Frugal with her knitting?


Well, we haven’t found one yet but she did manage to finish the special blanket she was trying to make:

photo_1 (3)

photo_2 (4)

It’s not as neat as she was hoping for and she was hoping to have more squares of the multi coloured wool so it would be like a chequer board effect but still, it’s gorgeous and she did it all herself.

Now on to her next project….


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2 comments to Quick update on our search for a Knitting Nana….

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  • Helen

    That is fantastic – love it :] There are lots of pages on Facebook dedicated to Knitting maybe someone on there would help out or do you have a favourite charity shop you visit often – a lot of the ladies of a certain age who work in the shop would love to help,

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