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Whenever I get an idea for a post or I think of something I want to write about, I start a draft post with a title that, in theory, will remind me what it was that I was going to write when I look back at it at!

Looking back at the many, many drafts that I’ve started, I found one called ‘My little sensitive soul’ from 2011!

I remember exactly what I wanted to write about when I started that post which was prompted by a parents evening with Master Frugal’s teacher. At the time, he was having difficulty keeping up with his classmates.  He was way behind with his reading which in turn was having a massive effect on the rest of his learning.  He felt like he couldn’t do anything – so he just stopped trying.

Anyway, at this particular parent’s evening, his teacher told me that he was one of the most popular children in the class because of his sweet and kind nature.  She said that he was quite shy usually but would always make sure that no one was alone or upset and that although he was a worrier, he was the first to reassure others when they were worrying.  She summed him up by saying that he was a sensitive soul.

I was so proud of him that night and I was going to write all about it – but I never got around to writing the post and forgot I’d even started it until today.

Writing about him now is a completely different story.

Academically, he’s now in the top group for everything – in fact he’s gone from being way behind in his reading to way ahead with his reading age being a good 18 months ahead of where he should be right now, thanks to the School’s one on one reading recovery program.  His progression with his reading encouraged him in his other areas of his schooling as well and he’s doing brilliantly.

That’s not even the best bit though, his confidence has soared and he’s a different child.  He’s cheeky in the way that little boys should be, he has lots of friends, kind and caring and he doesn’t worry nearly as much.  He still puts other people first more often than not and although he has his moments, he’s a pleasure to be around.

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