• #DealOfTheDay – Half Price Soda Streams….
  • Have you ever considered a cruise as a budget holiday….
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#DealOfTheDay – Half Price Soda Streams….

There's a great Bank Holiday offer on over at the Soda Stream website right now - at least two of their soda stream machines have 50% which makes them an even better buy than they usually are! The Play Sodastream is one of the newer models and is available for £35 as opposed to the £60 to £70 price that it's selling for elsewhere so it's a great deal and I can vouch for how great a soda stream is - my two love ours! Happy Saving. ;-) Don’t miss out on future posts like this - receive updates directly to your inbox by email by adding your email address to the box on the top right … [Read More...]

Have you ever considered a cruise as  a family friendly holiday on a budget

Have you ever considered a cruise as a budget holiday….

We decided a few years ago to holiday in the UK as a family rather than travel.  We made this decision after a week's all inclusive holiday in Spain which was followed by quite possibly the longest journey home ever (it felt like that to us anyway). The journey to and from our holiday always seemed so stressful when we had the kids with us, then there's the heat (and potential sunburn) and also the fact that my two can only sit around a pool for so long before getting bored and restless. We've had some amazing holidays in the UK and discovered some brilliant places that were practically … [Read More...]

Our afternoon at Mount Grace Priory

Days out: Mount Grace Priory….

We had a lovely afternoon out last week at Mount Grace Priory in Northallerton and while we were there we decided to buy an annual family membership to English Heritage which meant that we didn't pay anything on the day but will pay around £7 a month for the next twelve months. We've been considering this for a while but were in two minds whether to buy an English Heritage or National Trust membership - we went for the English Heritage after seeing just how many places there were to visit within an hours drive. Family entry in to Mount Grace Priory without the pass would have cost £16.90 … [Read More...]

homemade lavender sugar

Homemade Lavender Sugar….

After our visit to the lavender farm earlier this week I found myself with a few bunches of lavender that I had bought with the vague idea of making lavender lemonade and lavender shortbread as I saw both of those on the menu in the tea shop at the farm. I'll be attempting the lavender lemonade tomorrow I think but today I've been making the lavender sugar in preparation for making the shortbread.  It's really easy to make and certainly doesn't need an actual recipe because you basically just fill a container with sugar and mix a handful of the little lavender flowers in to it - roughly … [Read More...]


Introducing #DealOfTheDay….

When I started writing this blog my intention was to use it as a way of recording our family memories and as I started writing it at a time when we needed to save money so I could work less hours I thought the frugal aspect would tie in quite nicely hence 'The Diary of a Frugal Family' was born. We've shared some of our favourite memories, activities and recipes alongside lots of money saving tips which I hope you've found helpful and today, I want to try something new.  Something that will hopefully become a regular feature on here in addition to all the usual stuff. (See how I … [Read More...]

five frugal things slider

Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {28th August 2015}….

Five frugal things I've done this week: 1.  After our visit to a Lavender farm this week I've used the lavender I came away with to make lavender sugar.  I'll write a post up about how I did it but it's super simple really and once the lavender has infused itself into the sugar I'm going to bake with it - Lavender Shortbread is the first thing on my list! 2.  We were away last weekend and we had some gorgeous weather which was a surprise as we were expecting a pretty poor weekend weather wise.  The sun was shining though and as I'd been expecting poor weather, I'd left the sun tan … [Read More...]