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Happy 12th Birthday Miss Frugal….

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, clever, kind, cheeky, fun little girl.

I love you millions and billions and infinity plus one.

Love Mam x x

happy 12th birthday

#SaveMoneyMonday – Free XBox games….

Free games for your xbox

This week’s #SaveMoneyMonday is all about free games for your Xbox so it’s bound to go down well with the little people if they have an Xbox.

The free games are available to all Xbox Live gold members which the majority of people who have an Xbox already seem to be – I know my children are, as are all of their friends so I’m guessing that most people who have an Xbox will be Gold members already and be able to take advantage of this deal without any further action.

If you’re not a Gold member already, it is a service you pay for but it’s well worth it as you get lots more content as well as being able to play and chat online with your friends.  My two regularly chat to their friends online and they play games like Minecraft in a party of up to 8 friends which seems like a lot of fun judging by the laughing that comes from them when they’re on.

You can buy it directly on the Xbox or get Xbox Live cards from most computer game stores or if you search online for cheapest Xbox Live membership you can buy the download codes for even less.  I think we paid £21 for a whole year for Master Frugal a little while ago so it’s definitely worth looking around.

Anyway, back to the free games.

Xbox give you one free game every two weeks (first two weeks of the month and last two) which you can download on to your console – once you’ve downloaded them, they’re yours to keep as long as you don’t delete them as you can’t re-download them again outside of the free period.

There’s been some great games recently that we’ve downloaded and it’s automatically set to not let you play games that you’re too young for so if Master F tries to download a game he’s not old enough for on his profile, it simply won’t allow him to play it!

To download the free games, you just need to turn your console on and sign in to your Xbox Live account go to the ‘Best on Gold’ icon.  Here you’ll find the free game and if you scroll along you’ll find some great discounts on games

Have fun!


PS It looks as though Playstation has similar if you’re a Playstation Plus member so if you are, check it out and let me know.

#GetInThePicture – How to take a great Selfie….

The Diary of a Frugal Family

Did anyone make more of an effort to #GetInThePicture a bit more this week?  I did, but, I’ve had two ill children and an ill husband to contend with so most of this weeks photos have had a sick bowl hovering in the background so they’re not really what I had in mind.

Never mind.

On with this week’s post with a selfie of me with Miss Frugal – she hates the photo and will probably kill me if she sees it on here but I love it!

me and beth

If you hate having your photo taken then it’s likely that you’re rarely going to LOVE a photo of yourself but there are ways that you can increase your chances of having a photo you can put up with out there.

Here’s my top selfie tips….

  • Stand near to a window to get good light but don’t have the sun directly behind you or you’ll just look like a dark shadow which is not a flattering look at all.
  • Hold the camera slightly above your face so all of your flabby bits are hidden. If you don’t have any flabby bits or additional chins then please feel free to ignore the rest of these tips as you probably always take a great photo. ;-)
  • Try to look at the lens rather than at the photo itself – really difficult if you’re like me and you want to get the most flattering selfie possible.
  • Take more than one photo. In fact, take as many as you can and delete all but the best one.
  • Use a filter to help make your photo even better – different filters can do equally amazing things to you. I experiment using the filters on Instagram with most selfies that I take but if you’re not planning on posting to Instagram then an app like Hipstamatic would be great to do this on.
  • Do something interesting or feel free to ‘stage’ your picture so you have something in the background that makes your selfie stand out a little bit from the all the other hundreds of selfies online every day.
  • Remember to smile! Or pout!
  • Get yourself a selfie stick – Google it!  No self respecting selfie taker would be without one. ;-)

Are you ready to have a try yourself?

I’d love more people to join in with ‘In the Picture’ so I’ve added a linky to the bottom of my post – it would be great to see your photos and even if you don’t want to join in with the linky, please do take more pictures with you in them and let me know how you get on.  And you’re more than welcome to join in on Instagram if you’d rather. You can find me on there as _cassb_ so you can just tag me in or use the hashtag #GetInThePicture and I’ll find you. It’s easy to add a link to the photo from Instagram to the linky as you can just go to your profile on Instagram on your computer and click on the photo to get the link to add.

Get Snapping!

Siblings – September….

dear beautiful
How can another month have gone by so quickly?

It’s just ridiculous and it seems to be going even faster now that they’re settling back in at school.

We’ve had a much more relaxing and laid back Summer than usual and after the first couple of weeks of cramming in as much as we could, we spent the next few weeks doing very little which was lovely.  It’s not so great for this month’s sibling post though I’m afraid as I’ve got no exciting or particularly interesting photos of them together although I do have some ice cream photos to make up for it! ;-)
Sharing the largest ice cream in the world

Sharing the largest ice cream in the world

Playing Twister (not very well)

Playing Twister (not very well)

Miss F teaching her little brother how to use an app.

Miss F teaching her little brother how to use an app.

Discovering new ice cream flavours together

Discovering new ice cream flavours together

Reading before tea together

Reading before tea together

Having a serious game of Words with Friends together

Having a serious game of Words with Friends together

So we might not have done much, but we’ve had lots of fun not doing it together. ;-)