• Bonding with my boy….
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Bonding with my boy….

I really think it's important to have one to one time with my children - as much for my benefit as for theirs and as I mentioned before Christmas, Miss Frugal and I have starting a regular date night once a week.  We've agreed that every Friday night we'll go somewhere or do something together, just the two of us. So far, we've been for hot chocolates at Costa, make-up shopping, window shopping for clothes, wallpaper sample hoarding and we've had movie nights and spa nights at home.  It's not that difficult to find things to do together because I understand her completely and the things … [Read More...]


What we’re eating this week {1st March 2015}….

You know how I always say that the most important part of meal planning is the few minutes that you spend before you go shopping working out what you have in, what you'll be eating the next week and writing a shopping list? Well, this week I didn't do any of that before I went shopping! In my defence, I always to my shopping on a Friday evening because (a) that's the only time that I'm free to go without the kids over the weekend and (b) my cupboards are looking a bit like mother Hubbards by then.  I had a really busy afternoon on Friday so I didn't get chance to even boil the kettle let … [Read More...]


70 Frugal and Fun Spring Activities to do with the kids….

I know we've been lucky to have had quite a mild Winter this year but I'm still glad to wake up today to see blue skies and sunshine.  It looks like a beautiful Summers day out there at the moment although I'm pretty sure that if I open the door it will be freezing cold and blowing a gale! I'm going to ignore that fact though and focus on the fact that it's March, the skies are blue and Spring is on it's way.  Which means that we can plan in more outdoor fun.... Clear a section of the garden and plan some vegetables (or even some herbs) to grow together and when they're ready to harvest, … [Read More...]

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Fabulously Frugal Linky {1 March 2015}….

I can't believe that it's March already - this year is flying and at the minute, I just want to freeze time for a little while so I can get caught up with everything I want to do around the house, in the garden and on the blog! Anyway, one good thing about time flying by so quickly is that it's time for another #FabulouslyFrugal! If you don't already know, Fabulously Frugal is our way of showing people just how easy it is to be thrifty and frugal by sharing just a few of the many ways you can do this.  My co-hosts each week are Jen from A Thrifty Mum, Emma from Emma's Savvy Savings and … [Read More...]

Spring bucket list

My Spring bucket list….

I don't know about you but I find that a great way to focus myself on what I want to achieve is to write it down!  I have a notebook that I carry around in my handbag that is filled with random ideas, lists and scribblings and every now and again, I transfer it all to Evernote which is an app you can have on your mobile, tablet and laptop.  I could of course just type my notes straight into Evernote but I much prefer to get it down on paper first. So, now you know this about me you probably get why I like to write a seasonal bucket list to focus on some small goals that I want to achieve - … [Read More...]

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Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {27th Febuary 2015}….

I've been a but absent this week as we've all had a cold (again!) which has led to a tired and slightly grumpy family.  We've not done too bad though.... Five frugal things I've done this week: 1.  If you're a regular here then you might have seen the seasonal bucket lists that I write every few months - a regular entry on there has been to clean out my garage but as it was so full of junk, we knew it was going to be a nightmare to clear it out.  We found out that the council will collect junk quite cheaply - 6 items for a £18 but when we looked at what we had we realised that the cost was … [Read More...]