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Malteser Cupcakes….

malteser cupcakes

A couple of years ago, I used to have a regular Sunday post called Cupcake Sunday where I would bake a different type of cupcake every week and share it with you (if it worked)!

But then somewhere along the line, I stopped doing it and around the same time, I kind of forgot just how much I love baking. Don’t get me wrong, I still bake but it’s more run of the mill things like packed lunch cake for the kids or special occasion Birthday cakes. It’s the baking just for the fun of it that I miss so today, I thought I’d start again.

I only went in the kitchen to sneak the Maltesers out of the fridge while I was on my own for a while but I ended up staying and baking cakes with them instead.

Seeing as they turned our delicious, I thought I’d share them with you….

110g white sugar
50g brown sugar (you can use all white though so don’t buy it especially)
160g butter or margarine
3 large eggs
2 tablespoons milk
160g self raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cap of vanilla essence
1 treat size bag of Maltesers (121g size)

Pre heat your oven to around 190 c

  • Cream the butter and sugar together.
  • Beat in the eggs, milk and vanilla essence.
  • Fold in the flour and baking powder.
  • Take 12 Maltesers out of the pack and set them to one side for decorating.  Crush the rest with a rolling pin.
  • Stir in the crushed Maltesers and spoon the mix into cake cases.
  • Depending on the size of your cakes, you need to bake for around 15-20 minutes.
  • Leave to cool.
  • Ice with my super amazing chocolate butter cream and decorate with the Maltesers

Malteser cupcake


beautiful 2

I tell my daughter that she’s beautiful every single day.  I tell her that because she is – she’s beautiful inside and out and I want her to know that.

I want her to be confident in her body even though I’m not particularly confident about mine.  In fact, my lack of confidence is probably the main reason that I want to make sure she has a much better attitude about the way she looks than I do.

Moving up to secondary school has had a massive influence about the way that she feels about herself and she’s started to pay more attention to the way she looks in general as well as being more interested in fitness.

She’s never been over weight or particularly unfit but even so it wasn’t that long ago that I wrote about how she came last in her school’s cross country because she thought she thought she was going to die! ;-)  Now she goes swimming once a week, she’s a member of the gym and does Yoga at home as well as netball at school.  She did a cross county run at school last week and came seventh which is a massive improvement for her.

She just has so much more confidence than she had even a few short months ago.  Look what we did tonight while she was trying to decide what to wear for non uniform day at school tomorrow. These are the rejected outfits in case you’re wondering….

I want her to continue to be as happy with herself and her body as she is right at this minute and I know that I need to set a good example for her. It scares me when I read information like I read in the recent research from Dove – 71% of young girls have already felt pressure to be beautiful. Scary stuff although not necessarily surprising!

Dove have made a video called Legacy and I really recommend having a look at it as well as the brilliant site that they running alongside it.  The site is filled with some great ways to increase self esteem in our children and it looks like a great resource for us.


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Not my finest parenting moment….

I did something today that I’m not proud of.

Something I said I would never do.

I put my work ahead of my children and I’m so angry with myself.

Basically, I took a day off work earlier in the week because Master Frugal had that tummy bug that’s been doing the rounds.  No problem there as my boss is really understanding about things like this.

Fast forward to today, I’m back at work and he’s back at school.  I’m sitting at my desk when I notice my phone flashing up telling me that the school are calling.

I answer the phone and the receptionist tells me that she has Master Frugal at reception saying he has a poorly tummy again and that he’s a little teary.

I ask to speak to him and like I always do, I ask him how bad it feels out of ten.

His answer is seven.

What do I do?

I don’t tell the school I’ll be there as soon as I can to get him.

I tell him that I love him and to go back to class to see how he goes and to call me if he gets to an eight.

Then I go back to work feeling like the worst parent ever.

He was OK and he is feeling lots better now.

But that’s not the point, is it?

The carrier bag de-clutter….

carrier bag challenge

I sometimes struggle to keep on top of the housework because is seems like as fast as I’m cleaning or tidying, someone else is dirtying and dumping!

Everyone has their own jobs to do in the house but I’m having trouble getting the message through that if you’re finished with something, put it away or in the bin.

If I’m honest though, it’s not just the kids. I’m just as guilty of leaving things lying around or not throwing things out when I should.

A quick look around now, shows me some sweet wrappers that Miss Frugal left when she went to school this morning, some tissues that Master Frugal has just dumped after blowing his nose a million times (I know, YUCK), an envelope from a letter I’ve put away, a snapped bobble and some receipts – and that’s just the living room chaos from today!

But I do have a solution – not for getting the kids to tidy up after themselves as I’ve not discovered the secret for that yet.

My solution is a quick way to get rid of all this rubbish and have a de-clutter at the same time.

It’s something I’ve carried on and kind of adapted from when I used to do ‘flylady’ a good few years ago and it really does work in all sorts of ways.

I’m sure it had a fancy name and proper rules on Flylady but I just call it a carrier bag de-clutter and the only rule is that you fill a carrier bag with 30 things that you want to go in the bin (or recycle). I’d recommend that you always stop at 30 or you could go all day and then it’s not a quick thing that you’re happy to do regularly.


I’ve just had a quick whizz around the living room and cleared all of the mess I mentioned above which took me to about ten things in my bag, I sorted our a vase on my windowsill that had been stuffed with a few things and then moved on to the drawer we keep our hair things in.  After I did that I had about five things left to take me up to thirty so I had a quick look at our kitchen noticeboard and got rid of some out of date tickets and vouchers.

Thirty things gone in less than five minutes!

(And you don’t have to use a carrier bag – you just need something you can put your rubbish in and then tip in to the bin.)