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Siblings – April….

Did you know that it was National Siblings day last Thursday?  No.  Me neither ;-) 
I’ve started to really look forward to writing my monthly Siblings post – as I mentioned last month, it really helps me to focus more on the good times rather than the little arguments that they regularly have.  I really recommend taking part in this linky if you’re a blogger and if you’re not, you could do something yourself.  Even if it’s just a quick collage on Picmonkey or similar of your favourite sibling moments from each month.
april siblings 1
april siblings 11
april siblings 3
april siblings 2
April siblings 4
April siblings 6


'I'm trying to look like I want my photo taken. But I don't so it's not working.'

 I hope  you’ve had as much fun as we’ve had this month!
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Why I deserve to win a Samsung Galaxy S5….

When I found out that Virgin Media were running a competition to give away a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5 to someone who deserves it, I decided to enter and tell you why I should win….

I deserve to win because my current phone is having a few issues at the moment and doesn’t always send texts when I want it to or receive calls when I need it to.  I need a new phone and I would love it to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 which looks and sounds amazing from what I’ve seen.

I rely on my mobile for lots of reasons – not least of which is the fact that it helps me improve my parenting skills! I mean, how else would I gently encourage my children to do their homework on a night?


Without my mobile, how would Miss Frugal apologise to me when she eats all but six of my grapes?


And if I didn’t have a mobile, then how would the kids contact me while I was at work to ask me those vitally important questions that just won’t wait until I get home?



Also, I clearly need my mobile to embarrass myself when I highlight Miss Frugal’s incorrect spelling of certain words!

photo (2)

And finally, I am in the process of being educated in the art of ‘text speak’ and would hate to miss out on the rest of the lessons….

atext6-550x673 (1)

But I don’t just use my phone to parent, I also use it to take photos of everything and anything to post on Instagram. I use it to tweet when I’m happy / sad / bored / having a cup of tea and to be nosey keep up to date with what everyone’s doing on Facebook.

And don’t even get me started on what life would be like without Candy Crush!  Surely I deserve a phone just so I don’t ever miss out on the achievement of reaching the next level.  And the one after that.  And then just one more level before I turn it off!

So there you have it, just a few of the reasons why I deserve to win the lovely shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5.

P.S. Obviously this post is tongue in cheek.  Although the texts are real.  As is the addiction to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Also the obsession to Candy Crush isn’t exaggerated.  

Quick update on our search for a Knitting Nana….

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about our search for a knitting Nana to help Miss Frugal with her knitting?


Well, we haven’t found one yet but she did manage to finish the special blanket she was trying to make:

photo_1 (3)

photo_2 (4)

It’s not as neat as she was hoping for and she was hoping to have more squares of the multi coloured wool so it would be like a chequer board effect but still, it’s gorgeous and she did it all herself.

Now on to her next project….


Our favourite ways to have after school fun without spending a penny….

after school

I love this time of year.

The lighter nights and nicer weather give us the chance to do lots of things after school that we can’t do over the Winter without needing a hot chocolate and blanket to thaw us out when we get home!  We try and do something every night when the weather’s nice and although I don’t plan ahead very much or have a daily schedule, I do have a rough idea of the things we’ll be doing for the week ahead.

To give you an idea, this is what we did last week after school each day:

1. Monday: We went to the park for an hour although because we’re lucky enough to live close to the sea, sometimes we might go to the beach instead.  It’s so easy to forget how much fun you can have in the park playing hide and seek together or having a walk on the beach collecting shells.  

2. Tuesday: We went to the library to get some books out together.  Our library hires out story sacks which are great to encourage younger children to actually get involved in a story but now that my two are older, we tend to get out story books that they’ll enjoy reading on their own and tutorial books where we can learn something together.  At the minute we have a chess book and we’re trying to teach ourselves to play.  I want them to enjoy reading as much as I do so I never make them sit down and read as the school tells me to, I prefer to make them WANT to read and the library is great for that.

3. Wednesday: We had a kids kitchen takeover night because Miss Frugal regularly cooks tea for us and she loves it (as do I as I get a night off).  She pretends to run her own restaurant and hires Master Frugal to be the waiter.  Before it’s time to make the tea, they write a menu and prepare the ‘restaurant’ for us to go to. We even have to ring and book our table!  If your children are too young for this, even just baking and decorating cakes or biscuits together is fun.  

4. Thursday: I’m learning to play their favourite game with them at the moment.  Both my two love Minecraft at the moment and would quite happily play on there for hours if they were allowed.  Because I like to know what they’re playing and because it’s fun for them to teach me something, I’m currently learning to play with them which makes me ‘awesome’.

5. Friday: We went for a bike and scooter ride.  We love exploring although we rarely go further than the nature trails about five minutes away from our house but really you don’t even have to have a destination in mind.  Just set off and go wherever your feet take you although it helps to have snacks in your bag just in case you get peckish.

I also try and spend some time with them doing their homework – not because I agree with homework because I like to think I can make it more fun.  We often take the homework they’ve been given and take it one step further although I only do this for things they enjoy doing anyway or things they’re struggling with.  

So this is an idea of what we’ll be doing after school this week – what will you be getting up to?

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