• Stay organised and save money this Summer….
  • My Week {5th July 2015}….
  • Homemade ice cream cornet S’mores (no BBQ needed)….
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Stay organised and save money this Summer....

Stay organised and save money this Summer….

As always, we're counting down the days to the Summer Holidays this year (19 sleeps for us) and we can't wait for the freedom that the holidays always bring - no early mornings for the kids, no school, no homework, no early nights and even better than all of that is the three weeks holiday I have coming up! I don't know about you but in the past we've tried to fit so much in to our time off that we've been exhausted rather than refreshed by the time September comes around!  Last year was a bit different for us though as we tried to have a bit of a lazy Summer which meant that, although we … [Read More...]

My Week

My Week {5th July 2015}….

This picture pretty much sums up this last week for me - lots of time in the garden, lots of work to get through and lots of time spent with the kids! It's been such a gorgeous week this week hasn't it?  So nice in fact that I've spent most of my week (when I haven't been asleep or at work) sat outside in the garden. My garden isn't the biggest and it certainly isn't the prettiest right now but I have a nice little spot in the shade where my table and chairs are set up and I've really enjoyed sitting out there watching the kids play on the trampoline and putting down all of the ideas that … [Read More...]

Homemade ice cream cornet S'mores (no BBQ needed)....

Homemade ice cream cornet S’mores (no BBQ needed)….

I've never tried a real S'more but I know that I like the idea of them and after attempting to make our own oven baked S'mores last year we've been trying to perfect our own version. We've been making them in ice cream cornets recently, the ones with the flat bottom. I usually just fill a cornet with marshmallows and chocolate chips (or buttons), wrap them in foil and pop them in the oven on a low heat for 10 minutes. They're delicious with all the gooey marshallow and melted chocolate mixing together for a perfect treat for the kids. But the other day I'd ran out of foil and Miss … [Read More...]

five frugal things slider

Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {3rd July 2015}….

Five frugal things I've done this week: 1. I'm still trying to get my garden in better shape ready for the Summer so I was over the moon when I found some plants reduced from £5 to 50p in Tesco last night.  They're currently sat on my little patio ready for me to plant in some pretty pots. 2. I bought a big pack of Daz at Tesco this week reduced from £8 to £4 which will do at least 40 washes so it's a great deal at less than 10p a wash.  I'm never loyal to products like this as they all do just as good a job as each other in my eyes so I just look out for the best deal.  I'd normally … [Read More...]

Here's my five favourite moneysaving apps

My five favourite moneysaving apps….

What do you use your phone for? I use mine for checking the weather, helping with homework, googling new recipes, shopping, keeping up with everyone on social media, taking photos, reading blogs, writing myself notes and numerous other things that help me on a daily basis. I also use it to help me save money though and there are so many money saving apps available that I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite money saving apps today and I hope that in return, you might share one or two of your favourite apps with me.... Vouchercloud This is my current favourite app for … [Read More...]

Super Simple Pipe Cleaner Crowns

Pipe cleaner crowns….

OK, so we know that I'm not the craftiest blogger around but we did make some pretty pipe cleaner crowns this weekend that I thought you might like to see.... We used glitter pipe cleaners from Tesco because we wanted some sparkle as our crowns were for the  Race for Life last Sunday (although we ended up leaving them in the car).  They were £1.25 a pack and lots of the crafty stuff is on 3 for 4 or something like that so I bought a couple of packs and some coloured paper as well. You can't go far wrong if you start by making the band that goes around your head and then, once you've … [Read More...]