The Best Day Ever…. #WWE #WWENewcastle

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Master Frugal is a huge wrestling fan so imagine how excited he was when we were asked if we wanted to go along to the Metro Arena in Newcastle on Thursday to watch WWE Live! From the day he found out we were going he was counting down the sleeps but, I think I was actually more excited than he was because I had a secret - I knew that the lovely, lovely people behind the WWE Live tour had arranged for him to meet one of the Superstars backstage. Honestly, it killed me not telling him but I knew if we managed to keep it a secret it would be such a great surprise. So we got there early on … [Read more...]

Our (much cheaper) alternative to a portable DVD player….


Keeping children occupied on a long journey isn't an easy task because no matter how prepared I am for the general boredom, there's only so much I can do to keep the kids occupied before they get bored of me too. We considered buying a portable DVD player  because we do travel quite regularly but then we thought about the fact that we'd either have to buy a double screened one (more expense) or buy two separate DVD players to avoid the inevitable arguments over what they watch (even more expense) so ended up deciding against that idea. But then a couple of weeks ago, we called Sky up to … [Read more...]

A Thrifty Day Out….

Making Terrariums at the Festival of Thrift.

I was having a look through one of those free magazines that the kids bring home from school a couple of weeks ago and I came across a day out which sounded like it was made for us - The Festival of Thrift. In the words of the magazine it promised to be all of my favourite words - fun, funky fabulously frugal and most important of all, free! How could we not go? Master Frugal got to be a blacksmith for half an hour and managed to make me a very presentable S hook for the kitchen and Miss Frugal found an airstream caravan called milkshakes and manicures where she … [Read more...]

Our favourite way to travel….

Miss Frugal got her wish and we went and had fish and chips,  ate ice cream and realxed at the seaside for the day.

There are so many reasons why our favourite way to get somewhere is to travel by train.  No one has to drive, it's more comfortable, you can move about when you want to, you can get a table and play games or relax listening to your music, you can get just about anywhere and finally, it's great value for money!  Oh and if someone needs a wee, they don't have to wait twenty miles for the next service station. So when offered to pay for us to go on an adventure by train we said a big yes and started planning where we wanted to go.  The only problem was that we couldn't … [Read more...]