Homemade Doner Kebab {Slow Cooker} {Slimming World} {Fakeaway}….

homemade doner kebab

Mr Frugal is partial to the odd Doner Kebab - usually swimming in grease and smothered in garlic sauce - and without fail, he always regrets eating it within about an hour of finishing it. So, after hearing about a homemade version of Doner Kebab that you can make in the slow cooker I decided to give it a go and see if homemade Doner Kebab could hit the spot like the greasy kebab shop version does. I looked at lots of different versions of this recipe before I started and they're all very much of a muchness but I adapted it slightly as I didn't want to go out and buy anything extra. … [Read more...]

Mini Egg Omelettes – Great for breakfast on the go, Slimming World or just for a Yummy snack….

IMG_0918Mini Egg Omelettes - Great for breakfast on the go, Slimming World or just for a Yummy snack.

One of my favourite ways to use up leftovers is to make slow cooker fridge bottom frittata and I was planning to cook it last night for tea but clever me decided to make a batch of homemade tomato sauce when I got home from work without thinking that I'd be needing to use the slow cooker for the frittata! So instead of making one big frittata to use up some leftover bits and bobs, I decided to make mini frittatas in the oven instead and actually, now that I've made them this way I think they would be great to make for breakfasts and mini snacks as well as being great for those of you … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Frugal Meals – Slow cooker sausage, bean and chorizo casserole….

sausage bean anc chorizo casserole

I should quite probably win the award for the longest title to a blog post with this one! Is there an award for that in the MADs?  If not, Sally then you should take note for next year ;-) Anyway, I've had an interesting week this week and *mostly* managed to stick to last week's meal plan so I'm ready to go with next weeks.  We're starting to eat more Wintery type food seeing as it's October and the heatings back on so this week's menu has a lot of what I think of as comfort food - not sure how that's going to work with my diet though. Monday - Sausage, chorizo and bean … [Read more...]

Slimming World – Syn free chickpea dahl loaf….

weight-scale 1

I've been following the Slimming World diet for a few months now and although it's not going as well as it was at the start (due to an all inclusive holiday and lots of picnics in the Summer Holidays, I am back on track now and am pleased with my weight loss so far. I tried on the dress I wore for the MADS last year and found it was two sizes too big and the dress I bought for the MADS award ceremony earlier in the Summer now has tobe pulled in a little with a belt so I'm definitely seeing a difference since I started. One of my favourite syn free Slimming World snacks is chickpea dahl … [Read more...]