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This week’s meal plan (with a difference)….

A little while ago I started to share my meal plans over on my meal planning blog – Meal Planning Made Easy but it felt a bit boring just writing our my meal plan on a Monday as a list so last week I decided I was going to do things a different way.  So for the . . . → Read More: This week’s meal plan (with a difference)….

Cooking with Kids – Pizza Calzones….

We love home made pizza but last week we decided to make a variation of this by making mini pizza calzones together.

It was part of an extra effort to get Master Frugal eating new things as he’s seemed quite receptive to new food lately and after years of being a fussy eater, he’s starting to get . . . → Read More: Cooking with Kids – Pizza Calzones….

Thrifty Thursday – Last minute meals….

I’m a big fan of meal planning but even so, there’s often an occasion when I have to magic up a meal with just what I have in the house – usually when someone has eaten a key ingredient of the meal I was planning because they fancied it!  

I do have a few standby recipes . . . → Read More: Thrifty Thursday – Last minute meals….

#MorrisonsMum – Shopping on a budget….


Last weekend I was sent £80 worth of Morrisons vouchers so that I could pop along to my local Morrisons and see just how much I could get for my money.  I like Morrisons and I’ve always found it to be cheaper than the other supermarkets so I was keen to see just how much cheaper . . . → Read More: #MorrisonsMum – Shopping on a budget….

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