Slow Cooker Chocolate Tea-cup Cakes….

Slow cooker hot chocolate cup cakes

Last Summer Master Frugal bought me a beautiful set of mini cups and saucers from the car boot sale.  He saw that I liked the set and then talked his Dad into taking him back (pretending to go to the toilet) to buy them with his own pocket money.  They were beautiful but I had no clue what to do with them really so they've just been gathering dust - until today! I decided to attempt to make some cakes in them using the slow cooker and seeing as they actually turned out really well, I thought I'd share my success with you. ;-) I used my recipe for Baileys Cupcakes as I'm planning on … [Read more...]

Apple and Banana Cake….

Design (1)

I have no idea why I've never tried making apple and banana cake before! I have them both in my fruit basket on a daily basis but I've never thought of putting them together until today.  I can tell you one thing though - now I have tried an apple and banana cake, we'll definitely be having it more often because it's delicious. Banana and Apple Cake Squares 225g softened butter 1 egg 3 mashed bananas (mine were on the small side so I needed 3 but I'd say 2 would be OK ususally) 1 apple grated (I dabbed mine with some kitchen roll so it wasn't too wet) 1 capful of Vanilla essence 125g … [Read more...]

Is a slow cooker really cheaper than your oven….

slow cooker cheaper to use

As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of my slow cooker - it makes life easier for me as a working Mum and it saves me money because it's cheaper to use than the oven. I say it's cheaper to use because that's what I've always been told - that it costs around the same as a household lightbulb to run and is much cheaper than the oven which is rated as one of the most expensive appliances in the house to run. Even though the question is probably up there in the top five questions that I get asked, I've never actually looked into just how much cheaper because I have no idea how to compare the … [Read more...]

Homemade Polenta Fries….

Homemade polenta fries

For those of you who don't follow my meal planning blog, Meal Planning Made Easy, I thought you might like to have a quick drool over my new favourite food - homemade polenta fries. Polenta fries are a delicious alternative to normal fries and they're relatively cheap too - 74p worth of polenta did plenty of fries for us all!  All I do is slice the polenta and coated them in olive oil sprinkled on some seasoning and popped them in the air fryer until they looked golden (15-20 minutes).  You could just cook them in the oven on a high heat if that's easier for you though. Don’t miss … [Read more...]