Help me with my Netflix dilemma….

netflix dilemma

We've had Netflix for a good few years now and although we don't watch much TV as a family, we really wouldn't want to be without it! Master Frugal is currently working his way (slowly) through Horrid Henry again and Miss Frugal is re-watching 90210 again and because you can have Netflix on a number of different devices, I don't have to see or hear them. ;-) Oh and while I've got your attention, don't forget that the all new Dragons: Race to the Edge is now available on there too which is a brilliant follow up to How to train your dragon.  We've really enjoyed the episodes we watched and … [Read more...]

Living with Vertigo and Menieres Disease….

Living with vertigo and menieres disease

Mr Frugal suffers with Vertigo and Menieres disease which in turn has quite a knock on effect to the rest of the family. I'm going to talk about both things today but I'm deliberately not going to link to any medical pages or give you an explanation of the ins and outs of both conditions as I'm not an expert and I just want you to know the effect that they can have on a family. He's currently laid upstairs in bed instead of doing what he'd planned to do this afternoon. I just called to cancel his plans and the guy I spoke to laughed when I said he was suffering from Vertigo as he thought it … [Read more...]

Review: Vax Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner….

Review Vax Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner....

Hoovering has always been one of my most hated jobs around the house! I hate setting it up and pulling the silly wire out, I hate the actual hoovering and then finally I hate the putting it away part. And because of all this, I wasn't overly excited when the lovely guys at Vax asked me if I wanted to review one of their new range of hoovers.  Our last (much hated) hoover seemed to be on it's last legs though so I gratefully accepted their offer and waited for my new hoover to arrive with very little enthusiasm. The day it arrived, I left it in the box for my husband to build and … [Read more...]

28 inspirational quotes to inspire our children with….

28 inspirational quotes to inspire our children

A few months ago Miss Frugal and I were planning to make some wall art for her new improved bedroom and we were searching Pinterest for a quote that she wanted to use for it.  She kept going back to the same one but I was enjoying myself that much looking at quotes that I made her keep looking in case she found another one she liked just as much. We found lots that she loved but none that she connected with in the way she had with the quote she had chosen.  I asked her why she liked the quote she'd chosen so much and she said it was because it encouraged her to try new things.  We stopped … [Read more...]