Here’s my secret to organising family life….

My secret to an organised family life

I don't know about you but life can be chaotic around here sometimes! Take this coming week for example, I have to remember some important work meetings, what shifts Mr Frugal is working, the early finish and the non uniform day for Miss Frugal, a family fun day that needs cakes, raffle prizes and money for Master Frugal, numerous after school clubs, a lunch date with a friend and a dentists appointment for the kids.  Oh, and an appointment for the dog with the groomers. Granted, next week is slightly busier than normal but even a normal week required more juggling than a clown to make … [Read more...]

My Week {28th June 2015}….

My Week {28th June 2015}

I do love blogging, I really do. But sometimes I get caught up in it all and forget the one reason why I started blogging.  You see, I didn't start blogging for all you lovely readers (although you're an amazing added bonus) and I didn't start blogging to make money or to be the best. I started blogging to keep a diary of sorts about the things we get up to as a family because it's more important to me than I can explain in a sentence that we have a record of our happy memories.  But lately, we've made memories that I haven't shared on here because I didn't think the things we've done would … [Read more...]

Time Traveller – Disneyland Paris 2009….

But Pluto gets a kiss....

This week I'm joining in with Marianne and her fantastic Time Traveller linky and I'm going to share one of our pre-blog holidays with you.  We used to travel quite a lot when the kids were younger and even more so before we had them as I was a travel agent when I was younger and we took full advantage of the holiday freebies I was offered. I've got boxes of holiday photos in the garage and Miss Frugal and I often like to sit and look through them and there's so many that I could have chosen to share today but I chose this one because it's my happiest holiday memory. Disneyland Paris … [Read more...]

Can you be a friend to your daughter as well as her parent?

Can you be a friend as well as a parent to your daughter

Miss Frugal is almost 13 now and I think we have a great mother and daughter relationship. We're also friends. Now, I know some of you will be shaking your head at me saying that we're friends because I see lots of people saying that they're a parent and not a friend to their children and although I understand why people say that, I don't agree at all. Don't get me wrong though, I am a parent first and I always make decisions with my parent hat on but I do believe that there's a way to be both a parent and a friend to my daughter by sticking to a few simple guidelines. I respect … [Read more...]