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Thrifty Thursday – Make money from old clothes….

Until last week, I didn’t have proper wardrobes in our bedroom *hangs head in shame*.

We always meant to buy some but we kept putting off buying them as we’ve been planning to get some fitted wardrobes installed since we moved in.  It’s never really been a top priority though and we’ve always had something else to . . . → Read More: Thrifty Thursday – Make money from old clothes….

An Emotional Day….

Last week saw Miss Frugal leave the Primary school she’s been at since nursery and say goodbye to the children she’s grown up with.

In September she starts a whole new chapter at a new school without the friends she knows so well but we’re not thinking about that just yet.

During her leavers assembly she was presented . . . → Read More: An Emotional Day….

Five free things you can do this Summer #2….

We all know that you don’t have to spend money to have fun but sometimes we need a quick reminder of the fun things we can do for free so here’s the second in my series of my Summer Holiday reminders of some fun things to do together that won’t cost you a penny….

Make Gloop - This . . . → Read More: Five free things you can do this Summer #2….

#SaveMoneyMonday – Summer Holiday Snacking….

We’re one week in to the holidays and my children are eating me out of house and home so I’ve decided to make this week’s #SaveMoneyMonday all about Summer Holiday Snacking.

I understand that they’re growing children and that playing out with their friends on their scooters and bikes is very hungry work but there’s just no . . . → Read More: #SaveMoneyMonday – Summer Holiday Snacking….

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