The things you discover when you take a wrong turn….

The things you discover when you take a wrong turn

Yesterday we went shopping to York which is a good hours drive away from where we live and on the way back, we turned left instead of right at a t-junction which caused Mr Frugal to mutter a few choice words under his breath and the kids to squeal in delight when they saw a sign for a pick your own strawberry farm. Their squeals meant that we didn't turn back as Mr Frugal wanted to but that we carried on down what seemed to be the longest road ever to find the farm.  We eventually found it about five miles down the road but they'd closed down the pick your own fruit side of the farm last … [Read more...]

A few tips for dealing with international family legal disputes….

A few tips for dealing with international family legal disputes....

As people become more and more interested in the outside world, we'll start to see an increase in international families who move abroad to lead a different life with their partner and children. However, moving to a different country can put lots of pressure on couples that wasn’t there before. Partners that previously lived in harmony sometimes find that moving abroad creates difficult challenges that can eventually lead to awful separations. It’s not uncommon for partners to undertake an international divorce, but it's a fact that this would be much more complex than a divorce here in the … [Read more...]

Parenting at it’s very best: Do as I say and not as I do….


Here’s an interesting fact about me: I’ve never tried coffee! (OK, so I lied about it being an interesting fact but it’s necessary for you to know for the rest of this post so let’s pretend you found it fascinating.) When I say that I’ve never tried coffee, I really mean it – I haven’t even had a nibble of the delicious looking coffee cake they serve in the café near where I live and I certainly haven’t tried any drink containing it in any form. So when Mr Frugal ordered a Baileys Latte when we were on holiday I obviously didn’t even consider trying it, no matter how many times he … [Read more...]

Review: Brewers Fayre….

review Brewers Fayre Chef's counter

A couple of weeks ago, after a very lovely day out with the kids, we headed to our local Brewers Fayre to have a try of their new Chef's counter menu.  The Chef's counter menu changes according to what day of the week it is and is basically an all you can eat buffet based around whatever the theme of the day is. Monday and Thursday are both curry nights, Tuesday is Mexican night, Wednesday is burgers and hot dogs and Friday is chip shop night.  We went on a Wednesday as that seemed like the best night for fussy eating Master Frugal and it couldn't have been better for him. We were sat on … [Read more...]