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Monday’s Parenting Pin It Party #68….

Now it’s officially September, am I allowed to talk about Christmas?

I may even link up some Christmas posts to this week’s Parenting Pin It Party although thinking about it, I don’t think I will as I think that might just tip people over the edge with the stress of last minute uniform shopping and all manner . . . → Read More: Monday’s Parenting Pin It Party #68….

Making a peaceful homework space….

The older children get, the more homework they will inevitably be sent home from school with and the older they get, the more important the need to complete the homework is.

I believe that the guidelines in place advise that children in Years 1 and 2 should do 10 minutes of homework a night although most of . . . → Read More: Making a peaceful homework space….

August Review Round-Up….

We’re lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to review lots of great products but there never seems to be enough time to blog about them all separately so I’m going to start doing a monthly round up post of everything I didn’t get chance to review individually through the month.

Pringles Speakers

We love this cute portable . . . → Read More: August Review Round-Up….

The Summer of Independence….

This Summer has been the Summer of independence as far as my children have been concerned – they’re 11 (almost 12) and 9 now so I’ve had to find the line between letting them have too much freedom and not allowing them enough!

It certainly hasn’t been easy and if I’m honest there’s been plenty of times . . . → Read More: The Summer of Independence….

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