Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {24th April 2015}….

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Five frugal things I've done this week: 1.  I'm very excited because my new (to me) writing bureau that I bought off our local Facebook selling group has just been delivered and I LOVE it.  I've wanted one for so long but rarely see them in my price range anywhere so when I saw this one still up for sale after a few days for £65 I thought it was worth putting a cheeky offer in.  £50 and it was mine and the lovely man even offered to deliver it for me for no extra charge.  I was planning to paint it in a creamy white but now it's here, I'm not so sure. 2.  I keep hearing about how … [Read more...]

Spring clean your finances with the help of Mrs Moneypenny….

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The clocks have gone forward and the nights are getting lighter (not good when my kids won’t go to bed because it’s too light!), which can only mean one thing - spring is here (finally!) And with the smell of fresh spring mornings making our nostrils tingle with happiness and excitement, it kind of puts me in the mood to do a little spring cleaning. Once I was finished giving my house a good spring clean, I thought about what else I needed to give a good old sorting out. Then I remembered that my finances weren’t in the best of states. Although I’d made a conscious effort in the New Year to … [Read more...]

Fabulously Frugal Linky {19th April 2015}….

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Welcome to this week's #FabulouslyFrugal. Thanks again for sharing your lovely frugal posts with us last week and I know I say this every week but it really is amazing to see so many different ways to be thrifty or frugal. Every week for the last couple of weeks my weekly meal plan has featured Quesadillas because (a) we all love them, (b) they're super easy to make and (c) they're so flexible as you can put whatever you want in them.  I keep meaning to write about them but the truth is with my version, there really isn't a recipe.  Last week the kids had baked beans and cheese … [Read more...]

Protect your credit history to help your future….


At some point in most people's lives, they turn to some sort of credit financing for one reason or another and I'm a strong believer that this isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as you go into it with your eyes open and knowing that you can afford any repayments you commit to. In some cases, money is needed for major purchases like buying a car or a house and for these purchases there are dedicated finance providers who are there to help you afford what it is you're after. But, as we all know, it isn't just the larger purchases that you can get credit for - things like travel, home … [Read more...]