Fabulously Frugal Linky {26th April 2015}….

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Welcome to this week's #FabulouslyFrugal. What a lovely week we've had weather wise here in the North East so we've been taking advantage of the sun and getting outside as much as we possibly can.  There's been Yoga in the garden (Miss Frugal and her friends not me - that would scare the neighbours), painting furniture in the garden, eating tea in the garden and actually, pretty much anything else that you can do in the garden. The problem is that my garden's actually not that nice - it's just plain and boring and the grass is in need of a cut but I keep putting it off.  If the weather … [Read more...]

Free Stuff Friday – Who says that nothing in life is free….

Free Stuff on Fridays

After I got my free EE Power Bar last week, I started thinking about what other freebies were out there for the taking so I had a quick search about online and it turns out there's actually quite a lot of it about. Because I'm a lovely person (really, I am ;-)) I've decided to do a regular post where I'll share some of the free stuff I come across with you all.  I'm not sure if there's enough free stuff out there to do this weekly but I'll have a good go. EE Power Bar I was going to start with the EE Power bar that I mentioned above because it's a great deal and I can vouch for this one … [Read more...]

Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {24th April 2015}….

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Five frugal things I've done this week: 1.  I'm very excited because my new (to me) writing bureau that I bought off our local Facebook selling group has just been delivered and I LOVE it.  I've wanted one for so long but rarely see them in my price range anywhere so when I saw this one still up for sale after a few days for £65 I thought it was worth putting a cheeky offer in.  £50 and it was mine and the lovely man even offered to deliver it for me for no extra charge.  I was planning to paint it in a creamy white but now it's here, I'm not so sure. 2.  I keep hearing about how … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s Wardrobe – What we’re wearing this week….

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Welcome to this week's Wednesday's Wardrobe! In case you don't know, Wednesday’s Wardrobe is a weekly linky that I'll be co-hosting along with two fantastic bloggers, Emma and Sarah. Both kids came down with a bug last week which floored them from Thursday night through to Sunday so this week's Wednesday's Wardrobe should really be pyjama related. ;-) Instead, I'll tell you about a few of the other outfits from this week.... The New Top I love Miss Frugal's new top which we bought for just £5.99 in New Look - it's a stretchy knit and looks really good on (although I may be … [Read more...]