My favourite guilty pleasure….


I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned hundreds a few times that I love moving house and since I bought my first house, I've moved house four times and spent countless hours searching for our next dream home browsing online estate agents sites. As much as I love where we live now, I do love looking at other people's houses.  I like to see how they're decorated and get ideas for what I'd like to do in my own house but even sadder than that, I like to pretend that I've won the lottery and find a house that I would like to live in if money was no object. I sometimes forget that these sites are … [Read more...]

The case of the disappearing disposable income….


I read with interest an article over on the Scottish Friendly blog about how a new survey has revealed the levels of disposable income that people across the UK have available.  It seems that unemployed people have an average disposable income of 9.3% of their income which works out to an average amount of £174. The reason I find it quite fascinating is because the survey also reveals that part time workers (like me) have only 7.9% of their income left over after everything else which equates to £192 of disposable income. The article goes into a lot more detail and it's a really … [Read more...]

Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {25th January 2015}….

5 frugal things

I bet you all do lots of frugal money saving things on a daily basis without even thinking about it!  They're just things that make complete sense to you and you do them without even thinking about it aren't they? But sometimes, until someone points something out to you, it doesn't even occur to you so I thought I'd do a post each week to share some of the frugal things I've done that week with you all. Five frugal things I've done this week: 1.  I've redecorated Master Frugal's bedroom on a budget and although I'll be telling you more about that next week, I can tell you that I got the … [Read more...]

Tried and Tested – Tesco Value Curry Sauce….

Tesco value curry sauce

I know I've said this before (and I'll probably say it again) but as much as I like cooking from scratch and know that this is the healthiest and often the cheapest way to go, I have no issue with the odd packet mix or jar to help me along the way. If you do have an issue with this then I would recommend you don't continue reading this post. ;-) When I do buy a packet mix or a jar of sauce it's usually one that is on offer at whatever supermarket I'm in and even though the big supermarkets do their own value versions, I'd never tried one until I decided to do a bit of a tried and tested … [Read more...]