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Girls bedroom makeover on a budget….

This morning I sat down in Miss Frugal’s bedroom and realised just how much ‘stuff’ she had and how little space she had to store it all!

So while Mr Frugal was snoring away in bed, I was on the iPad trying to find the answer to our problems!

By the time he woke up, I was all . . . → Read More: Girls bedroom makeover on a budget….

How to make a pair of Curtains, including a photo of my attempt….

I’ve been after a pair of thick cream curtains for my living room for a while now but I’m struggling to find a pair that I like enough to buy!

It’s not that I’m fussy though, I just have very specific requirements

I want them to be cream but a warm cream colour if you know . . . → Read More: How to make a pair of Curtains, including a photo of my attempt….

Where I live – Indoors….

I love where my house but I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s in need of a style makeover due to the builders love of magnolia and my lack of decorating since we moved in.  So, when I read a post by Michelle from The American Resident about some of the treasures in her home I was . . . → Read More: Where I live – Indoors….

Budget Bathroom Makeover….


None of the rooms in my house need a major makeover as it’s only a few years old but what it does need is an injection of colour!

When we bought the house it was new and almost completely magnolia – which we weren’t keen on but because there was nothing that actually needed doing, we just . . . → Read More: Budget Bathroom Makeover….

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