Five ways to make your freezer work for you….

Make your freezer work harder

You don't need to have a big freezer to make your freezer work for you - trust me, I know this from experience!  With a little bit of organisation, the smallest of freezers can help make life easier for you. Batch cooking This is a great one, especially if you use your slow cooker a lot.  I regularly make extra portions when I'm cooking things like chilli, mince and bolognaise and I pop a family sized portion in the freezer ready for another time.  It means that I have a homemade 'ready meal' sat waiting in the freezer when I need it which is a godsend when I finish work at half two and rush … [Read more...]

Is a slow cooker really cheaper than your oven….

slow cooker cheaper to use

As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of my slow cooker - it makes life easier for me as a working Mum and it saves me money because it's cheaper to use than the oven. I say it's cheaper to use because that's what I've always been told - that it costs around the same as a household lightbulb to run and is much cheaper than the oven which is rated as one of the most expensive appliances in the house to run. Even though the question is probably up there in the top five questions that I get asked, I've never actually looked into just how much cheaper because I have no idea how to compare the … [Read more...]

What to do if you can’t afford to pay the bills….

Yellow sticky notes and push pin on white with clipping path.

I've written before calculating your monthly budget using my free printable budget planner but today I wanted to try and help with some advice about what you can do if you don't have enough money coming in each month to cover what you're paying out. I'm by no means an expert on this subject but I do know that if you realise that you don't have enough money to pay bills then you need to take action - sooner rather than later.  This might seem like a bit of an obvious thing to say but I know from experience (work not personal) that some people pretend that everything is OK and carry on as … [Read more...]

#Thrifty Thursday – How to organise your shoes….

how to organise your shoes

Miss Frugal has a lot of shoes! It's not that she has a shoe obsession or anything but as I mentioned in my post about her school shoes the other week, her feet haven't grown very much at all in the last year or so which means that she's not growing out of shoes.  This little lot is what she's accumulated over the last year or so (both pairs of Converse were part of a review on here). She's not the tidiest person in the world so we needed to try and get a system in place that was easy and quick for her to use to store her shoes so we went for the photos on a box approach. We … [Read more...]