The 7 deadly sins of budgeting….


OK, so the title may be a bit over-dramatic but there are some really common and easy to make mistakes that lots of us make with our budgets and I wonder how many of them you can identify with? Here's my seven deadly sins of budgeting.... Not actually having a budget written down. It’s hard to stick to your budget if you don’t actually know what your budget is so it’s always worth taking the time to calculate what your budget is and then revisiting it every few months to make sure it’s still working for you.  There’s a handy guide here on how to work out your budget as well as a free … [Read more...]

Six things to do before you go to bed which will make the next morning easier….

Six things to do before you go to bed which will make the next morning easier.... Trust me, it works.

Do you know that it's an actual scientific* fact that if you spend ten minutes on a night getting ready for the next day then the following morning will be at least ten times easier? (*OK, it may not be scientific but it really helps me and I just read a book about science** so humour me and we'll call it a scientific fact) (**OK, the book was less about science and more about a female scientist who was doing some research in an isolated area during a storm when a rather nice doctor turns up on her doorstep but there's a bit of science in it so we'll go with that) So, now we've … [Read more...]

How to make a beautiful bow out of leftover wrapping paper….

how to make a beautiful bow out of leftover wrapping paper

When I give a present to someone I like to spend time choosing a present, think about what I know the person I'm giving it to will enjoy.  And because I spend time on choosing the perfect (in my opinion ;-)) present, I like to make sure that it looks as pretty as possible when it's all wrapped up and ready to give. In the past, I would pop to the supermarket and buy a pack of wrapping paper to match the occasion along with a more often than not expensive matching bow to go with it and occasionally some ribbon if I wanted to really make it look nice!  Present wrapping certainly wasn't cheap … [Read more...]

5 Areas in your home to de-clutter right now….

areas in your home to declutter

My marathon session re-organising the kitchen last week not only made me realise that I have to make the best of the storage space I have available, it also highlighted that we have way too much 'stuff'.  And by stuff, I mean anything and everything. To give you an idea of what I mean, I have a whole shelf of cookbooks that I rarely even look at anymore.  Some of them were given to me as gifts and I've never even had the chance to have more than a quick flick through them which is such a shame.  I have boxes of cookie cutters and cake cases and don't even get me started on my spice … [Read more...]