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The carrier bag de-clutter….

I sometimes struggle to keep on top of the housework because is seems like as fast as I’m cleaning or tidying, someone else is dirtying and dumping!

Everyone has their own jobs to do in the house but I’m having trouble getting the message through that if you’re finished with something, put it away or in the . . . → Read More: The carrier bag de-clutter….

#SaveMoneyMonday – Free Printables for EVERYTHING….

I’ve had an idea in my head for a post for ages but I knew it would take a little while to put together so I left it until I had some time.

It turns out that not only has someone already done all the hard work, they’ve also made it up into an awesome Pinterest board.

So . . . → Read More: #SaveMoneyMonday – Free Printables for EVERYTHING….

Crocktober – the third week….

We’re still enjoying taking part in Crocktober  but I’m starting to run a little short of ideas now so it looks like Google is going to be my friend this week.


We had beef stew on Monday although I got a bit potato happy with it and it looks in the photo like it was actually . . . → Read More: Crocktober – the third week….

Crocktober – the second week….

We’ve reached the end of our first full week of  Crocktober  and we’re still having fun finding new ways to use our slow cooker although there’s been plenty of old favourites this week as the weather’s taken a definite turn for the worst and we’ve been in need of some of our favourite comfort foods.


I tried . . . → Read More: Crocktober – the second week….