#Thrifty Thursday – How to organise your shoes….

how to organise your shoes

Miss Frugal has a lot of shoes! It's not that she has a shoe obsession or anything but as I mentioned in my post about her school shoes the other week, her feet haven't grown very much at all in the last year or so which means that she's not growing out of shoes.  This little lot is what she's accumulated over the last year or so (both pairs of Converse were part of a review on here). She's not the tidiest person in the world so we needed to try and get a system in place that was easy and quick for her to use to store her shoes so we went for the photos on a box approach. We … [Read more...]

Fabulously Frugal Linky {1 February 2015}….

Final 250 x 250

Happy February Everyone! You may have noticed that I've had a bit of a blog makeover this weekend thanks to the amazing Stacey Corrin!  We have a few little tweaks to make and I'm having a bit of a rearrange and tidy up this coming week but I couldn't wait any longer to share my new look corner of the internet with you all. And that's not the only thing that's new either.... I've been chatting with the lovely Jen from A Thrifty Mum and Mum in the Mad House and we've decided to have a relaunch of the Fabulously Frugal linky.  We're going to do it weekly rather than monthly and we want … [Read more...]

Fabulously Frugal #4….

Flapjacks on plate

Happy New Year! I bet lots of New Years resolutions have been made this week, many of which will involve saving money in one form or another so I'm hoping that there's going to be lots of entries this month. I was a bit sill last month and I didn't set the dates on the linky right so it was only open for a couple of days rather than the full month - I've checked and double checked this month so it should be OK! ;-) I really do want people to see that being frugal and thrifty isn't the same as being tight or stingy and that there are some many easy and fun ways to save money so the … [Read more...]

Is saving money one of your New Years Resolutions?

save money

Every year when I write my New Years Resolution list, the same one is always right there at the top of my list - SAVE MONEY.  Actually, trying to save money is always a high priority here but making it a New Years Resolution always seems to focus me on it even more than usual. As I know lots of you will be trying to focus on the same things as me I thought I'd do a quick reminder of my Money Makeover series from last year which was all about reviewing your finances and making them better.... Week One – Money Makeover Introduction Week Two – Sort our your spending Week Three – Dealing … [Read more...]