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Frugal Family Traditions….

A couple of years ago, when I was asked if we had any family Christmas traditions, I said no because I didn’t really think the things we did were traditions – they’re just small things we do every year to make Christmas that bit more magical to us as a family.  As I was saying it, . . . → Read More: Frugal Family Traditions….

Don’t fall into the Christmas trap….

Christmas is not about having tins of Quality Street and Roses stacked high in your cupboard.

Christmas is not about filling your cabinet with alcohol.

Christmas is not about emptying the supermarkets of fruit and veg.

Christmas is not about eating until you feel sick on Christmas Day and then going back for pudding half an hour later.

Christmas is . . . → Read More: Don’t fall into the Christmas trap….

Reindeer Dust….

No matter how old you are, if you want to wake up to presents on Christmas morning you really should be sprinkling some reindeer dust on your path on Christmas Eve to help the reindeers find their way to your house!

Reindeer dust has always been on of our favourite Christmas Eve traditions and I know . . . → Read More: Reindeer Dust….

10 simple homemade Christmas tree ornaments….

Last year, I decided to go all sophisticated this year so I went out and bought a whole lot of new Christmas tree decorations.  I didn’t buy anything too flash or spend very much money but I was really pleased with my new red and gold themed Christmas tree.  In fact, for a whole day, my . . . → Read More: 10 simple homemade Christmas tree ornaments….