Who knew that painting T-Shirts could be emotional….

customising shoes

I knew it would only be a matter of time before highly individual Miss Frugal decided that she wanted to have a go at making or customising her own clothes. In fact, I probably should have seen it coming when she came downstairs one afternoon a few weeks ago having turned a long skirt she has into a strapless dress adding a wide leather belt and some feather ear-rings.  To be fair she looked amazing but I don't think her dad or the people of the car boot sale were ready for her brand of style so she was sent back upstairs to find an actual top to go with her skirt!  But it was definitely … [Read more...]

Make do and mend eleven year old style….


Miss Frugal is much craftier than me! I tried to keep up when she started to learn crochet and gave up when she taught herself to knit on YouTube!   I was so impressed with the blanket she ended up knitting but we're still looking for her next project knitting wise as she wants to do something more complicated than I think she's ready for so we're arguing debating this at the minute. I do want her to keep up her knitting skills though because you can knit so much these days and it's not old fashioned stuff either - there are some really lovely patterns out there for knitted … [Read more...]

How to make a super quick bracelet holder….

4. Making something useful from something we were going to throw away.

If you have a daughter around the same age as Miss Frugal then you may be familiar with the bracelet obsession that she's currently going through (and has been for the last year or so actually). Like most girls, she loves any kind of jewellery but in particular she has a bit of a thing for bracelets - she buys them cheap at boot sales, she gets given them by my friends, her friends always bring her one back from their holidays and she's got lots that she's made herself.  She has numerous friendship bands, bangles, sparkly ones, beaded ones, charm bracelets, One Direction bands... You name … [Read more...]

Ten quick crafts for the school holidays….

easy craft ideas

My crafting skills leave a lot to be desired but as the mother of an eight year old boy who loves to get his hands dirty and his ten year old system who loves to make pretty things I've had to find crafting activities that even I can manage ;-) Seeing as it's the school holidays for a lot of us, I thought I'd share tenof my favourite easy crafts and activities with you.... Make a Family tree Recycle your crayons Make your own mini book Make a bookmark our of sweet wrappers Make a photo collage Make some story cards Make your own board game Make a pop up monster … [Read more...]