Cash or Card….

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How Relevant is Cash Today?  The growing use of credit and debit cards in today’s world has led some to believe that cash is a dying method of payment - I rarely carry cash around with me. But according to Learnvest, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco recently released a study in the US showing that 40 percent of all transactions still involved cash while debit cards are used in 25 percent, credit cards in 17 percent, and cheques and electronic payments each sit at 7 percent. This data paints a very different picture compared to the stereotypical opinions about cash. So the question … [Read more...]

Britain’s best money saving tips REVEALED….

We're all on a quest to save money - just saving £10 a week equals £520 a year! It doesn’t have to involve you giving up life’s treats either as there's lots of easy ways you can save a pound or two with hardly any effort at all. A recent survey showed that 44% of people make their own food for lunch at work while loyalty cards get a decent workout with 41% of people using them. Reducing the number of takeaways, knocking the thermostat down a few degrees and home cooking more meals also made the top ten in the list of 25 money saving tips. According to Money Magpie, a blog post on … [Read more...]

Barcoding and Gourmet Dog Treats: Keeping Food Safe for Pets….


This one ism'r for everyone but it has some great advice for small business owners! The great thing about integrating online and brick and mortar stores is that it makes it easier than ever for specialty shops to stay open. People who once would have had to struggle can now flourish, and this is opening up more room for "niche" markets like gourmet dog treats. While some people may think it’s frivolous to spend any money on gourmet treats for a pet known for drinking out of the toilet, the main customers of gourmet places actually aren't people with money to burn. Most people who shop at a … [Read more...]

How to write that all important business plan….

Lots of you clever people already have your own little business or at least the potential to start up your own business, no matter how small you think they might be. I only have to have a quick look at Instagram or Facebook to see your fab talents in action - everything from sewing to knitting and from baking to crafting. But what do you do when you want to take that next step.... So, let's pretend for a moment that you've already set up your business and it's doing quite well. Now you're actually thinking of expanding your fledgling business and you're looking for funding. However, while … [Read more...]