Stationery Heaven….

Regular readers will know that we LOVE stationery in the Frugal house – we have drawers filled with notebooks and we probably have more pencil cases than we have handbags between me and Miss Frugal.

So imagine our faces when this little lot turned up….


I had to stop Miss Frugal from sneaking the whole lot up to her bedroom!

The 3M Post-it Super Sticky Notes have an enhanced adhesive, which holds stronger and longer to a multitude of surfaces and we were challenged to test this out by making a window scene out of them.

We decided to make a bit of a beach scene in honour of our lovely Summer which involved lots of trips to the beach but somewhere along the way it turned into a bit of an homage to Blackpool where we spent a really nice few days at the end of the holidays.



Here you go – the view we’d like to see from our kitchen window every day – complete with us at the top of the tower, a whale with some Krill, ….

photo (4)

I’m not sure if you fancy making your own window scene out of post its but even if you don’t, you could always leave one for someone to tell them that you love them (like Mr Frugal does all of the time NOT) or you could write yourself an inspiring now like on the Post it Facebook page.


Is it always better to cook from scratch?
Would you eat out of date food....

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