One of my proudest moments as a parent so far was when Master Frugal spent some of his own money on some food for a homeless man who we saw in London when we were there for the weekend earlier in the year.  I was so proud that he thought more of someone else’s welfare than he did of his own enjoyment (he had big plans for that money in Hamleys).

He bought a cup of tea and some muffins for the man and gave him them himself (watched closely by me) and I almost cried at the time as the man was so grateful and thanked him genuinely.

Ever since then I’ve been meaning to find our local food bank to see how I could go about donating to them but I’ve just never got around to it.  Until today.

Today when I went to do our shopping, I was armed with a shopping list of things from the local food bank – things that are most helpful in providing meals to local families.

I bought tea bags, coffee, some tinned fruit, tinned tuna, boxes of cereal and some soup and I spent the grand total of £3.67!

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We filled two carrier bags with things for the food bank and then got on our with own shopping.  When we were done, Miss Frugal asked if she could spend the last of her birthday money on a drink at Costa and seeing as she offered to buy me one too, I obviously agreed 😉


The drink she bought herself was a lovely Strawberries and Cream smoothie type drink but as she sat down to drink it, she realised that the amount she’d just paid for the drink, was only 17p less than the amount we’d spent for the food bank!

Now at the time, I just brushed it off because she’s always very generous with everything she has and she’d already spend some of her birthday money on Master Frugal and tried to give some to me to get myself a treat so I wasn’t going to ruin her enjoyment of a treat she’d picked for herself but it did make me think.

What she spent on something that could have easily helped out a family so much – I’m definitely going to be doing a mini shop every week where I can to donate to the food bank, especially if I can get all that for the price of a Coffee!

How’s that for putting things in to perspective?

It's so easy to borrow money these days but not so easy to pay it back....
Getting ready for Winter....


  1. says

    That really does make you think. I picked up some bits for our Harvest Festival at the weekend and it did feel good to be buying for people that aren't as lucky as we are.

  2. Helen says

    There but for the grace of God go I. We have just narrowly avoided having to use the local food bank – DH is very poorly with a tumour and is only getting SSP, there is light at the end of the tunnel and he goes into hosp on Thursday to have a biopsy and hopefully a stent put in which means he will be able to go back to work and earn some money, because I follow several frugal blogs [yours very much included in the list] I have managed to keep us afloat, your post has nudged me to count my blessings and donate on Monday, DS's school are doing a collection for our local food bank as part of their Harvest Festival, I'll be buying value range and getting as much as I can for £5 which is what I can afford, thank you for the reminder and can I just add . . . . . your children are very thoughtful and generous, you must be very proud of them :] x

  3. Crazy Lady says

    That's a really thoughtful idea, I had never thought of doing this but I will be calling my local food bank next week and we will make the effort to donate food at least once a month, thank you for the idea x

  4. mamacookblogspot says

    I recently donated some money I saved by cooking for 5 more days than I would have from my store cupboard and freezer. The charity I gave to was the Trussell Trust. It is useful for food banks to receive cash donations as well as food because not everything a family might need is going to be donated. It is so important to support food banks at the moment. Some families are putting a brave face on it but they're really teetering on the edge.

  5. says

    I do try to buy a few bits for the Food Bank from time to time. They visited my son’s school the other year (year 1) and it did resonate with him. When you think how much the cafe culture actually costs us … what else could we be doing with that money?