It all adds up….


One of the ways that we save up for special occasions and treats is to save all of our small change.

At the moment we’re saving 1p’s, 2p’s, 5p’s and 10p’s but when we’re feeling a bit flush (usually around pay day ;-)) we also save 20p’s and there may even be the occasional 50p thrown in for good measure.

We save them in three vases that sit on the kitchen windowsill – some people have herbs or flowers, we have money!

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When they get full, we take them along one of the machines in our local supermarket where we change them and get cash.  I know the machines usually charge around 8p for every pound but it’s worth it because I can get rid of it all at once without having to bag it into certain amounts and take it to the bank and also, I don’t know about you but I hate the smell of money on my hands.

We’ve just changed this little lot and got back £20.85 which will be used to buy Christmas presents with.

It didn’t take too long to fill the vases up as they’re not that big although it helps that both kids are like little magpies who seem to automatically find change on the floor when we’re out and about.

So if you want an easy way to save small amounts, this is what works well for us.

And, if you start now you’ll have a nice little amount in time for Christmas!

make enough money for christmas

With my share of the boot sale money from last week and this, I’ve made £83.85 towards Christmas.

Good start!

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  1. sarah says

    We do this too but for us whatever change doesn’t add up to £1 at the end of the day goes in the change box. We emptied it on Saturday and got £15.74 which was used to spoil our son at the local car boot (he’s 2 and mad about thomas the tank engine).

    Earlier in the year I was saving £1 a day and bought my son’s main birthday present (ikea kitchen) with what I’d saved :)

  2. CraftyLittleRat says

    Some banks have paying in machines that accept coins. We bank with Natwest, it's the largest machine and it has a kind of grey square on the right hand side. Chuck all your coins in and it's easy. It deposits them straight into your bank account; though we normally deposit them and withdraw it back out (rounding up or down to a whole note) and then start saving again. We have a large Guinness style bottle we use.

    As of next payday I'm going to be saving £2 coins for Christmas.

    • says

      I used to have a giant Jack Daniels bottle but it got smashed – I wonder if I could get another one from somewhere as I loved saving in that. I didn't know Natwest did that – I'm sure the kids have a bank account there!

      Thanks x

  3. Robert says

    An untested theory I know but I do wonder how much change you can feed into those self service tills. They’ve got them in a wide selection of shops and if they accept £10’s of pennies. Then you will avoid the charges imposed by change machines making your money go further. I’ve bought purchases for about 50p in pennies. I rarely save them as jars of loose change offends my OCD sensibilities! Nice blog by the way.

    • says

      Thanks very much Robert.

      That's a good point – I bet you could get away with a fair amount you know, especially when it's quiet and you don't have someone stood behind tapping their foot x x