#SummerofFrugalFun – Water Play….

summer of fun


So, the day’s finally arrived.

Our school broke up today which means we now have six long weeks of fun ahead of us (with the odd week of work ;-)) and as you’ll know if you’ve seen a few of my recent posts, we’re planning to have as much fun as we can – while spending as little as possible!

I’ll be posting lots of our ideas on here and on Instagram and Twitter (#SummerofFrugalFun) to help you get through the Summer Holidays without breaking the bank.  First up, we have water play which is what we’ve been up to every night this week to cool down after school.

We bought some very technical looking water pistols for our two as a treat after they both got excellent reports – they were reduced to less than half price in Tesco this week.  Miss Frugal’s holds 0.66 litres of water and although Master Frugal’s holds half that, he got a refill clip to even it out 😉

You don’t need the fancy water guns though.  We usually play with the ones that are about a pound each in most supermarkets and because they run out quite quickly, I fill the washing up bowl with water and put that outside the back door – they just quickly refill them themselves by holding the pistol under the water.

water fun

Water bomb fights are another of our favourite water play games – you get 100+ water bombs for a pound or less usually so one pack of water bombs will last a while.  The only problem is that it’s always me that ends up filling the water bombs up which isn’t the quickest job in the world!

water bomb

We’re very lucky as we live a two minute drive from the beach and even though I’m not a fan of getting sand in my toes, we do like a paddle in the sea to cool us down.


We’re not the only ones who make the most of water for some frugal fun though, here’s  a couple of other posts I’ve found from some lovely bloggers….

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water play idea

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  1. Emma F says

    Ours broke up from school yesterday, have been for a walk around the local woods this morning and are about to go the the cinema for an extra-special-first-day-of-holidays treat! I so look forward to the holidays, but my son has ADHD and ASD so it can be quite a challenge. He used to love arts and crafts, but really hasn't got the patience these days so I am am struggling to find ideas to keep both him and his sister entertained. Water play is right up their street! I am 3 months pregnant and feeling very blah(!) so anything I can supervise from the comfort of sitting on my bottom is welcome.

  2. lifeintent says

    Mw and the boy wnt for a paddle in the local river the other day when it was scorching hot. We had great fun – twas free too :)

  3. emsyjo says

    Brilliant ideas, you cant beat playing with water in the summer. I'd love you to link up with my Summer Dreams posts x