#SummerofFrugalFun – Have a camp out in your back garden (or your living room)….

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Last week my postman (who I’m almost certain doesn’t like me) brought us a delivery that caused more excitement than the time that McDonalds gave us the wrong order and we got home to find Big Macs instead of cheeseburgers!

Inside the box was a pop up tent, a sleeping bag, a very cool lightweight rucksack and lots of other camping essentials like a whistle (thanks Persil), some marshmallows and a drinks bottle.

My first thought was to see how big the tent was so I opened up the little bag it came in to have a little look.  I learned the first rule of camping at this point – never open the bag containing a pop up tent unless you’re outside and stood well back – it not only nearly took my eyes out, it almost catapulted the TV out of the front window!  Those things are lethal 😉

Once we’d discovered that the tent was big enough for the two of them to sleep in, we said that we’d let them camp out in the back garden if they wanted to which, naturally they couldn’t wait to.

So that night, they put the tent up in the garden, traipsed out all manner of teddies, cushions and blankets and they set up camp in their bedroom for the night. I took them out some hot chocolate with marshmallows and they looked like they were settled in for the night.

camp out

An hours worth of giggling, singing and running in and out for a wee/book/drink/biscuit/hug the sleepover came to an early end….


There was a slight concern over whether foxes could actually open zips and whether a bear has ever been spotted in our town!  Not that I’m complaining though as they were all tucked up in their own beds for 9’o’clock

We’re now planning a sleepover in our living room which I think may last longer that the garden camp out did.  We might bring  the tent in if we can figure out how to get the thing down and back into the little bag it came out of or we may just have sleeping bags and blankets – whatever we decide there’ll definitely be more hot chocolate and marshmallows involved!

And as for the Persil Small and Mighty laundry liquid that came with the tent – we love it.  I love the smell of it and the fact that even though I wash most clothes on a quick 30 minute, 30 c cycle every stain we’ve thrown at it so far has been removed thanks to the little stain remover ball that comes with each bottle.  That’s pretty good going considering it’s the Summer Holidays and there’s been a LOT of messy fun so far!  Another plus is the smell, which I love, is still there a week after the first wash I did with it so my wardrobe smells lovely.

You can win your own camping kit over on the Netmums website here if you want to have a Mighty camp out night yourself.

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