#SummerofFrugalFun – Encouraging reading and writing through the School Holidays….

encouraging reading and writing

Is it mean that I plan to make sure that we spend time on reading and writing this Summer?

We’re concentrating on reading because although both children are doing really well at reading, I feel like they usually only read when they have to and they rarely read just for fun which is I would love them to do.

My idea to help with this is to have a reading chart each which we’ve just made together:

reading chart

We have some stickers to stick in each square each time we read for 20 minutes and when all the squares are filled, we’ll have a nice day out as a reading reward.  Don’t tell them but we’ve got things planned anyway so we’ll just turn one of the days into a ‘Reading Reward’ day out.

We’ll also be making bookmarks as a craft activity when we get round to it and to make sure we have plenty of interesting books to read over the Summer, we’re off to the car boot sale tomorrow to buy some bargain books (we hope).

Another thing I’ll be doing to encourage reading over electronics is to encourage reading on car journeys ( luckily neither of them feel sick doing this like I would) rather than playing on electronics as they often do.  We have some fun fact books in the back of the car so there’s no excuse 😉

Now for writing.  I’ve had a good think about this one and added a few sticks to the bored jar that involve writing stories but I wanted to have something more structured but still fun as well.  We’ve settled on writing a bit of holiday diary which we won’t be doing every day but we will be doing whenever we do something fun.

They have a notebook each and a nice pencil, although I’d bet goof money that the pencil will be gone by the end of the first week!  To go along with this, Miss Frugal has also taken possession of my Nikon to take pictures of the things that we do and she wants to print them out to stick in her book.

I’ll also be getting one of them to write the shopping list each week and anything else that needs writing and probably some things that don’t 😉

Are you doing anything at all, or do you think it’s better that they get a break from it all?

summer of fun

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  1. says

    That's brilliant. Love your charts. We've taken up the library reading challenge but my children absorb books anyway so keeping them reading isn't a problem. Writing on the other hand – hm – my daughter will probably take herself off to her room to write stories at some point (when she's not allowed on the computer) whereas my son has to be encouraged. May have to pull out his writing quest book again.

  2. Nicki Mattey says

    Mine both take part in the library reading challenge. They are both big readers when they go to bed. As for writing, both have school projects to do over the hols, so lots of writing witll take place.

  3. Sue says

    Have a look at the summer reading challenge, my daughter done it last year through our local library and loved getting the certificate and medal at the end aswell as the other goodies she got. We are off to the library after school today to sign up for it. http://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/