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I’m not of those people who is always playing on their phone.  Honest ;-)

But I did realise today when I went to work without my phone that I do feel a little lost when I don’t have my phone with me.

Without my phone, I couldn’t check how well my things were selling on eBay and I couldn’t check and see if a payment I was expecting to my Paypal account had been made.  I couldn’t check the next train home and I couldn’t Youtube a video that I’d been telling my friends about (this one).  I couldn’t see what everyone was up to on Facebook and I missed a fantastic Instagram photo opportunity because I didn’t have my phone camera.

(I know I could have done all this the old fashioned way but you get my point – it’s so much better having information on tap on your phone, isn’t it?)

So, my traumatic phone-less day inspired me to write a post about my favourite App which is definitely Instagram (or Twitter) (or maybe Facebook)…. When I was checking my phone though I found an App that I downloaded ages ago and never really got around to using – Vine.

You all probably know about it already but just in case you don’t – it’s a little bit like Instagram but you take videos rather than photos. The videos are nine seconds long and you don’t have to film continuously for that time – so you can be really creative with your nine seconds…. Or, you could just film your loopy dog like we did for our first video!

It’s really easy to embed into a blog post (I downloaded a plug in that does everything) and the video just runs on a loop without anyone having to press play to start it off.

I think this *may* be my new favourite App!

Now my problem is that if I’ve only just discovered Vine, what else am I missing?  So I need you to tell me your favourite Apps so I can go and download them all and make sure I’m not missing out on any other brilliant Apps.

Over to you….


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