Men! (And by men, I mean specifically my man)….

Today I asked Mr Frugal to tidy his computer desk up.

A not unreasonable request considering that it seems to have become a bit of a dumping ground for everything from homework to bills and from Moshi Monsters codes to random bits of paper with children’s scrawl written all over them but you’d seriously have thought I’d have asked him to take a hammer to it judging by his reaction.

I’ll give him credit though, after a bit of general life’s unfair whinging and some muttering under his breath about how he shouldn’t have to do things on Father Day, he did make an effort to tidy it up.  And even though we call it his desk, the kids have been using it more than him since they discovered Minecraft and Roblox.

Anyway, after about 30 seconds, he declared he was finished and went off to get ready to play five aside football tonight.  I was cooking the tea so I didn’t get chance to look straight away but I should have been suspicious at the speed he tidied it and even more so at the speed he left the kitchen afterwards!

When I did get chance to check admire his handiwork, this was the result:


Now I’m not sure that you get the full effect from the photo but basically any loose bits of paper went in the bin, notebooks were put in a (not very tidy) pile on the shelf underneath and everything else got pushed to the back of the desk while he wiped the front part.  That was him done.  Now we have a clean front half of the desk and a back half of the desk that has an layer of dust an inch thick and is crammed with crap!

So now he’s out at football, I’m going to do it myself.  Maybe.

I might just leave it and sulk with him while throwing general looks of disgust in the area of the computer desk.

(Disclaimer, he is sometimes usually much better than this  and does lots of jobs around the house, I just can’t see how he can possibly think this is OK.)

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    Lol, this sounds like something my other half would do but to my utter surprise a few days ago he had a clear out of our pantry without any prompting. I was most impressed I tell you :)