Finding Bargains on eBay….


I know a lot of people have gone off eBay a little bit over the last year or so as there aren’t as many bargains on there as there used to be.  In my experience though, there’s still plenty of bargains on there – you just have to try a bit harder to find them.

I have a few ‘tricks’ that I use to find bargains and because I’m lovely (really I am), I thought I’d share them with you….

Local eBay bargains
You can pick up some great bargains from sellers in your area using a site called Local Bargain Finder which searches for items near to where you live.  This not only means you don’t have to pay postage if you win but it also has the added benefit of reducing your competition for the item as a lot of sellers will only sell the item as collection only so most of the time it will only be people in your area who will be bidding against you.

Wrongly spelled listings
Another way to try and reduce your competition is to use a site like Fatfingers.  Fatfingers searches for listings that have spelling mistakes in them.  If something isn’t spelled correctly on the eBay, it won’t show up when people search for it which means that a lot of these listings end up unsold with no bids on them.   I remember a few years ago I got a great bargain using Fatfingers when I was wanting to buy Master Frugal a scooter that has no bids on it as the seller had listed it as a ‘scoter’ rather than a scooter.
Don’t bid until the last minute
Have you ever bid on an item and sat and watched the clock tick down until the auction ends only to find in the last few seconds, someone outbids you and you don’t have time to put another bid of your own in.  This means that the other person has avoided getting in to a bidding war with you by waiting until the very last second.  The chances are that this isn’t just great timing on their part – they’re probably using something like Goofbid’s free eBay sniper tool which will put a bid in on your behalf right at the last second.
Happy Bargain Buying 😉

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  1. Eco Thrifty Living says

    What great tips! I don't really use Ebay much as I hate trawling to find the local stuff, so this will really help – thanks!

  2. heather@BuryFamilyLife says

    oooh, the local bargains looks like a great idea. i shall have to try this. thanks :)

  3. Elspeth says

    I've picked up some amazing vintage furniture to replace my ratty flat-pack – a linen press for £40 and a 60s dressing table for £20 – by checking what's selling locally. Obv, you need to add in the cost of petrol but when you consider the price of these things elsewhere it's definitely worth it.