Review Round Up….

We’ve had some really great things sent to us to review lately so I thought I’d do a bit of a review round up post so we could tell you all about them all….

Chill Factor

slushy maker review

When this was delivered I was a bit skeptical if I’m honest – the box says you can ‘slushify’ any drink.  You can imagine that with two children who love slush puppies, that’s quite a big promise to live up to.  We put it in the freezer overnight so the cup froze and then we poured in some orange juice that had been in the fridge.  We squeezed the cup (me with slightly less enthusiasm as I was convinced it wouldn’t work as well as it says) and it actually worked.  After a minute of squeezing we had a slushy!  It’s safe to say that I was very impressed!

I can also tell you that a Malibu and Coke slushy is rather delightful although a Jack Daniels and coke slush not so much!


Aquarelle Watercolour painting kit


The Ravensburger Aquarelle watercolours kit was another huge hit here – Miss Frugal (who is horsey mad) loved everything about this from mixing the colours and experimenting with them to the actual painting of the three horse themed canvasses that come with the kit.  The pictures are drawn on to the canvas in a ‘magic’ ink that makes it really hard to go over the lines so it’s quite easy to achieve great results which in turn meant that she enjoyed the painting even more as she was proud of the way it turned out.

This is a great kit to teach children (and adults – I was learning too) the basics of watercolour painting  and I was surprised at how much fun she had with it – so much so that she already has her eye on another one of these kits.

Lego Creationary

We were sent Lego Creationary by our friends at Idealo (who sponsor the Best Thrifty Blog at the MADs) last week and it’s already our favourite board game!  The best way to describe it is like Pictionary but using Lego instead of a pen and paper and I couldn’t possibly tell you how much we laughed while we were playing this – watching Master Frugal get more and more frustrated that we couldn’t recognise that his lizard was a lizard was priceless.

Would you have guessed it was a Lizard?

Would you have guessed it was a Lizard?

Now, if only someone would send us a new car to review (and keep)….


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  2. says

    I love lego creationary – its great fun & challenging to be creative against the clock. I was mad about the original creationary as a kid, the lego element makes it even better!

  3. says

    The lego game looks great. I've always wondered about lego games but never been brave enough to try them. I think I'll give that one a go…