My Near Death Experience….

My shiny new lucky to be in one piece car….

OK, so it wasn’t quite a near death experience but it was close….

I was driving to work today, singing away to Miss Frugal’s One Direction album (just because I know all the words does not mean that I’m a fan right?) when I saw a large wheelbarrow lift up slightly from the truck directly in front of me.

I slowed down straight away but another gust of wind lifted the wheelbarrow up and blew it right out of the truck and straight towards me.  I know this sounds a bit over-dramatic but it really seemed to be coming at me in slow motion like something out of the Wizard of Oz in the tornado scene.

I obviously hit the breaks hard but as it headed towards me I genuinely thought it was going to smash the windscreen and hit me. At the last second though, the wind just seemed to drop it and it hit the road, bounced up a bit and skidded along a few feet.  By that time my car was at a complete stop and the wheelbarrow ended up about a foot from the front of my car.

How it never hit me, I have no idea and on a busy dual carriageway in rush hour, it’s just as much a miracle that nothing hit me from behind!

I didn’t dare get out of the car to move it as cars were flying by me at this point as I was at a complete stop on the carriageway and I had no idea what to do.  I was shaking so much that I couldn’t even think properly so I called 999 and started to cry down the phone at the poor woman who answered the phone.

I actually think it was worse than when I got hit by a truck a few months ago because the driver said he couldn’t see me in his blind spot! I’ve only just got my new car from that one and I still have legal people trying to get me to claim for non existent whiplash from that.

I hope that’s all my driving bad luck out of the way now – one more thing and I’m getting the train to work!


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  1. swhittle says

    The universe would NEVER tell you not to listen to 1D, ignore Pippa. Seriously, glad to hear you're okay.


    • says

      Thanks Sandy, I think I was in shock a little bit but I'm good now apart from being worried about driving all the time! Timeto consider the train I think 😉

  2. says

    Oh you poor thing! I hope you aren’t too badly shaken up. We saw a MASSIVELY overloaded scrap lorry with sheets of plastic flying off of the top of it last week and I was so worried that one would cover my windscreen and obscure my vision so I can’t even imagine how scary a wheelbarrow must’ve been, but all credit goes to you and your fast skills when it comes to emergency stops.

  3. says

    Oh honey! Hugs and it's okay, this is just the world trying to teach you not to listen to One Direction 😉