Do you want to be in the audience for your favourite TV shows….

be in the audience for your favourite tv shows

A couple of years ago Mr Frugal and I went to Manchester to watch one of the live audition rounds for the X Factor.  We managed to get really good seats near to the front and really enjoyed ourselves although to be fair it was nothing like we expected!

We got our hands stamped with a number when we got there and had to queue in a massive queue for about two hours before they started letting people in to the arena.  They did tell us that there was no guarantee we’d get in as they always overbook the audience to make sure it was full if people don’t turn up so as you can imagine, there was a bit of pushing and shoving when the queue started to move.

When we got closer to the front, we were told to make sure that we were in number order which luckily meant that we got to move back ahead of all of the people who had pushed forward.  I say luckily because we were let through the barrier along with the four people after us in the queue and everyone else was told that there were no more spaces.

We had a really fun afternoon and even more fun looking for ourselves in the audience when the shows were aired!


If you’ve ever fancied being in the audience for your favourite TV show, it’s quite easy to apply and there’s a few different sites that I’d recommend:

  • The first is Applause Store which is where I got our X Factor tickets from.  They also do shows like Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and Top Gear along with lots of other popular shows.
  • SRO audiences have lots of quiz shows and interview type shows like Countdown and The Jonathan Ross show as well as opportunities for you to take part in the shows themselves. At the minute the’re asking for practical jokers who want to join in with Dom Joly’s new show.
  • Lost in TV are another site that offer audience tickets and let you know of opportunities to take part.  They currently have things like audience tickets for The Cube and requests for people who know someone who would be goon on Suprise Suprise.
  • Both the BBC and ITV also have their own be in the audience pages.  The BBC have gone one better and even have a Twitter account.
  • Sky also have a page if you want to be in the audience for any of their shows but it doesn’t look like there’s too much on there at the moment.

So there you go, that’s how you can be in the audience for your favourite TV shows 😉

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