Our week in pictures – the bumper edition….

I can’t believe that we’re nearly half way through March already, it’s just flying by and it seems like only yesterday that we were seeing the New Year in!

January and at least half of February passed us by in a blur of germs and illness (you probably already know this though as I moaned about it at least twice a week on here) and then I started my new job which meant another few weeks went by in a blur of business and extra hours at work and so far, March is disappearing just as fast without me having a chance to slow it down.

And on top of the general business of life at the minute, some things have happened that have really brought into focus just how important it is to enjoy every minute of your children that you possibly can.  Which means that there are times when I should be working, that actually I’m doing fun stuff – I then need to catch up with my work in the time that I’d usually be relaxing.

Why is she whinging about all of this instead of just showing us her photos you ask.

Because, my photos are one of the things that have helped me to realise that I need to make sure that my family remain my focus.  They’re not very exciting lately and are completely different to what they would have been if I’d joined in with Project 365 last year.

I’m going to change that – I’m going to make sure that I don’t take too much on so I don’t have to work at home so much.  I’m going to continue to spend as much time as possible with the kids but more quality time is needed I think – more getting out and about.  Crafts, board games and reading together are brilliant things to do but I’d like us to do lots of other things too.  And, I’m going to make more time for my friends – they’re usually the first casualties when I have too much on and I miss spending time with them.

So, my promise to myself is to make time to enjoy life more and not to try and cram so much in that the fun stuff gets a bit lost.

And finally, here’s my favourite photos from the last three weeks – I didn’t mean to go into all that, I was only going to explain that I’d been a bit busy and all that appeared on the page.  Probably another reason that I’m feeling like this – blogging is fun and helps me to relax and say what I want to say and I’ve barely had time for that lately either!

week 8 9 10I forgot to number them so you’ll just have to work out which ones which for yourself 😉

  1. Last minute homework.
  2. We’ve finally got around to painting Miss Frugal’s wall – bright pink!
  3. Look how grown up Master Frugal is getting – I love this picture!
  4. We went to see Olly Murs at Newcastle Arena a week or so ago.
  5. The obligatory cake shot – these are all Miss Frugal’s work.
  6. Milkshakes at an American diner.
  7. Our attempt at a homemade subway – I’m sure it cost more than it would have cost us to actually buy one from there.
  8. A rather shocked looking Master Frugal.
  9. Miss Frugal has more handbags than a handbag shop!!!

I do take a lot of photos and I’ve just written a tutorial about the technical jargon that I’ll publish later in the week if anyone is interested.  You can catch most of my photos on Instagram – I’m __cassb__  and if you let me know your user names in the comments, I’d love to follow you on there.  I never know who’s who 😉

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