Our night with Olly….

Last Tuesday night we went to see Olly Murs at the Metro Arena in Newcastle for the opening night of his UK tour.

It was originally just supposed to be just me and Miss Frugal going but at the last minute we bought two extra tickets from one of our friends who wasn’t able to go so we all went (although we weren’t all sat together thankfully).  I was sat right near the front with Miss Frugal and Master Frugal was sat with his Dad a bit further back.

We had a great view where we were sat and Miss Frugal alternated between singing, dancing and screaming madly and standing quiet staring as if she couldn’t believe we were stood there!  She absolutely loved it….

Mr Frugal clearly didn’t enjoy it as much as we did judging by the text messages he sent me during the concert….

Kill me nowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

Oh god, she’s doing anooooother song (he wasn’t a fan of Tich, the support artist either)

Bored outa my skull – next time Metallica on tour you are so coming with me.

Wish I’d brought headphones.

Master Frugal didn’t hate it as much as his Dad did but he did manage to prove that he can sleep through anything by falling asleep mid way through the concert….

He managed to wake up in time to nearly catapult himself off his seat while he was trying to catch a piece of the confetti that was fired into the audience at the end of the concert although he needn’t have bothered to be honest.  Miss Frugal managed to collect a whole carrier bag full of the stuff and when I got undressed at home later another handful of it magically appeared out of my clothes.

Now we just have to find a use for it all as she wants to make some sort of keepsake out of it – any ideas??

Parentfail #127
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