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Would you fake an insurance claim….

It’s OK, I don’t really expect anyone to come right out and admit that they would make a fake insurance claim but I just wanted to put the question out there.

My reason for asking is that, as you might know, two weeks ago I was hit by a truck when I was driving home . . . → Read More: Would you fake an insurance claim….

Sticky Lemon Muffins….

Life’s been really busy lately and I’ve hardly had time to cook tea for us every night, let alone manage to get some time to make cakes!

This lovely long weekend, together with an extra few days holiday tagged on at the end mean that I have more time than I’ve had for a good few months . . . → Read More: Sticky Lemon Muffins….

January – March: My giant to do list. Updated….


Seeing as I have plans of doing absolutely nothing today and tomorrow, I’m going to share with you the final update of my January to March giant to do list.  I didn’t manage to do everything I wanted in the first few months of the year but I have had a lot of unplanned . . . → Read More: January – March: My giant to do list. Updated….

Dear Baby Boy….

Dear Master Frugal,

The last eight years has flown by and I know that I can’t really call you my baby boy anymore because you’re eight today and as you keep telling me, eight is very grown up.

You’ve changed so much lately – transforming from a shy, quiet little worrier to a confident, outgoing young man . . . → Read More: Dear Baby Boy….

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