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This week’s meal plan – the everyone seems to be poorly again edition….

Meal Planning Monday

I knew it was too good to be true.

We managed almost a full week last week with not a cough, sneeze, ache or pain to be seen – until Saturday afternoon when poor Master Frugal announced he didn’t feel very well and didn’t feel like going out as we’d planned.  He was shortly followed by his big sister and they spent the rest of the weekend snuggled in their pyjamas watching DVDs and playing board games.

If it’s anything like the last couple of times they’ve been ill since Christmas, they’ve got over the actual symptoms of the cold itself within a couple of days but they’ve had no energy or appetite for a couple of days after that.  So, to tempt them to eat, I’ll be making all of their favourites meals this week.

SundaySlow cooked brisket with lots of veg and potatoes and Yorkshire puds.

Monday – Tuna pasta bake.

Tuesday – I’ll be trying something new to link up with #CookItBlogIt, hosted by Emma over at Crazy with Twins this week – No idea what yet though!

Wednesday – I’m planning to make our favourite ever meal tonight – Macaroni cheese – always the first choice when I ask what everyone wants for tea.

Thursday – Mince and dumplings with veg and mini roasties.

FridayMini toad in the holes with chips and beans.

You can get more meal plan inspiration from Mrs M and her meal planning linky….

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