Get Organised – Make some money by de-cluttering….

Before Christmas, I shared my top three ways to save your pennies¬†but now, with Spring fast approaching, it’s time for our annual de-clutter which hopefully means we can make some extra money from our clutter ūüėČ

1.  eBay, eBay, eBay
I can’t stress enough how much money you could potentially make by using eBay to sell your unwanted things. I’ve written about how to sell on eBay in more detail here but it offers a quick way to make money which is perfect when you need money fast. ¬†The vast majority of people pay by Paypal who can now transfer payments to your bank account using the Faster Payments system which means that in theory, you could have your money within two hours of your buyer paying you.

2. Have a car boot sale
As the weather starts to improve, the car boot sale season is in full swing again at our local car boot sale. ¬†The old saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure really is true at a car boot sale and you’ll be surprised what sells and how much money you could make. ¬†We always manage to fill the car up with things to sell which clears up a lot of space – especially in the kids’ bedrooms!

3. Sell any Games consoles or games that your children no longer play with
There’s lots of shops that buy your unwanted computer games and games consoles – we sold our old Nintendo DS consoles at our local computer game shop and got ¬£35 for them which came in handy! We also often trade in console games when there’s a new one out that we want rather than buy it. ¬†Just think of the space you’ll be able to reclaim from your TV cabinet if you manage to get them to part with some stuff!

4. Sell your old mobile phone
Have you got an old mobile phone sitting around in a drawer somewhere? ¬†There’s plenty of companies online that will buy your old mobile off you – just Google it and you’ll be spoilt for choice. ¬†If you want money quicker, again there’s probably a shop near you (like cash converters or CEX) who will buy it off you although you’ll probably get a little bit less doing that.

So, get de-cluttering and then get selling….

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  1. Older Single Mum says

    As my boys get older, I've got more stuff to get rid of. I haven't had the confidence to give e bay a go, but I'll take your advice , ta very much!