January to March 2012 – My Giant to do list…. Updated….

Uh Oh.

I’m half way through the first three months of the year so in theory, I should be half way through my first giant to do list of the year.

Am I?

Nope, not even close.

I’ve made a start but still, there’s a long way to go and I’m thinking that I may possibly have over estimated what I can actually achieve in the short space of time that I’ve given myself.  I’m still going to give it a good go though so hopefully, everything will be ticked off when I do my next update at the start of April.

(The one’s in red are the ones that I’ve managed to do)

  1. Get curtains for my living room.  I have lovely blinds but I want some curtains – the only problem is that I need to put a curtain rail up first and neither me or Mr Frugal have a clue.
  2. Get blackout blinds for children’s bedrooms.
  3. Book a date for the photography lesson I have bought from Groupon.  I’ve chosen the date even though I haven’t actually booked it.  Does that count?
  4. Take photos of everything we do – my camera phone is good for this.
  5. Join in with Project 365 which is a great way of recording our memories.
  6. Read The Hobbit.
  7. Get new (to us) wardrobes and drawers for our bedroom.
  8. Get the sink in the en suite bathroom fixed.
  9. Paint/wallpaper a feature wall in our bedroom.
  10. New mattress for our bed.
  11. Clear out the garage – it’s currently bursting at the seams.
  12. Make Mr Frugal sort our his huuuge CD & DVD collection and move some to the cleared out garage to free up some space in the house.
  13. Get rid of the old guinea pig cage and run from the back garden.
  14. Clear out the drawers in the kitchen unit and the craft cupboard – implement some sort of system to keep it tidy rather than it just being a dumping ground.
  15. Manage to keep the lids to my plastic boxes stored with the actual boxes so at any time I can reach into the cupboard and find a box and a lid.
  16. Have a monthly home spa night with Miss Frugal.
  17. Find something special that Master Frugal and I can do together and do that once a month.  This may be just playing his favourite XBox games but I’m hoping we can find something I like too!
  18. Visit the Legoland hotel.
  19. Go camping.
  20. Book some sort of family city break – last year we did Dublin and London and we had a great time.
  21. Cook one new meal a fortnight.
  22. Have at least one electronics / mobiles / TV / laptop free night a week.
  23. Continue to lose weight – hopefully at least another 1 1/2 stone before the end of March.
  24. Manage to run further than round the block without thinking I’m going to die!
  25. Increase over-payments to mortgage.
  26. Use eBay to possible to sell whatever we don’t need to make extra money.
  27. Pay off 1 debt (amount remaining £320).
  28. Get the hang of Windows 8.
  29. Get back into the habit of a date night with Mr Frugal once a week.
  30. Read one book a month that I wouldn’t normally read.
  31. Have some ‘me’ time once a week.
  32. Find some time to get back into reading and commenting on other peoples brilliant blogs.
What about you, are you still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?  Are you any further forward with the things you wanted to achieve this year?
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  1. says

    Wow – what a list! You're in for a busy but fun year! Camping is awesome fun with children so I hope you get to go. My big bug bear is the lack of matching tupperware lids – What happens to the missing ones? Do they go the same place as odd socks?

  2. Pam Dungar says

    It is an impressive list all achievable, but I wish you all the luck in the world with number 15. My plastic containers are the bane of my life. No matter how meticulous I am about storing them I always find that I have mismatched bits lurking at the back of the shelf. Once i put them into recycling their respective partners turn up.

  3. says

    I've just done the kitchen drawers too, my system is – wait to they get full, then put half the contents into the bin as it only ever seems to fill up with receipts and coupons!

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