This week’s meal plan – the last stretch before payday….

Meal Planning Monday

We’ve got another busy week ahead of us this week and seeing as January pay day still hasn’t arrived, I’ll be buying as little as possible when I go shopping for this week.

I try and make sure I always have plenty of what I call ‘the essentials’ in the cupboard – things like rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes, tinned tuna and stock cubes along with things like mince and chicken in the freezer because you can always make something if you have these in.  But we’re even starting to run low on these things and this week’s meal plan will probably finish off my supplies so I’m looking forward to pay day so I can go out and re-stock.

Monday – Tuna pasta bake using the last of the tuna and the pasta more than likely.

Tuesday – Chicken curry using some chicken from the freezer and the last of the rice to serve it with.  I might try making some home made naan breads to go with it as well.

Wednesday – Homemade leek and potato soup with cheese toasties.  I love homemade soup at the minute and I’ve been making a huge batch and having it for my packed lunches at work.  This recipe is so simple that Miss Frugal makes this one and it’s lovely to have with toasties for tea.  All you need is 4 biggish potatoes, 4-5 leeks (less if you are using the huge ones), some garlic (we use the squeezy stuff) and some chicken or vegetable stock.  Boil it all together and then blend.  It’s delicious, really filling and great value for money considering how many portions you can get out of it.

Thursday – Quesadillas, because we never got round to having them last week as we had an unscheduled soup and toastie tea 😉

Friday – Miss Frugal is having a bit of a party tonight so no idea what we’ll be having.  There’s no special occasion – she just asked if she could have a ‘girly night’ and the invitations were made and given out within about ten minutes of me saying yes!  Apparently there’ll be hair curling, nail painting and lots of fun so I’m guessing that homemade pizzas and brownies will probably fit the bill.

Saturday – No idea but we’ll have been paid and I’ll have been shopping by this point so I’m thinking something like homemade paella would be a nice treat.

Sunday – Definitely, definitely pulled pork in some form as I still haven’t got around to trying it yet.

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  1. says

    For my part, I utilize budget constraint in the first week removed from the salary day. For the second week, I still have some leeway for some tasty snacks…

  2. Pam Dungar says

    Like you I am running the cupboards and freezer down. I am saving my unspent housekeeping money in my sealed pot. Do make pulled pork, it is wonderful, I make a dry rub from our favourite spices add a bit of dark sugar rub it well into the meat and seal it in a bag to marinade in the fridge for 24 hrs. I cook it in a smoker in the conservatory in a gas ring.

  3. says

    Its a nightmare waiting for the first payday of the year – still we are all in it together just counting down the days.

    My favourite HM Naan is here : never fails and gives really fluffy bread that the kids love with a curry or dhal.

    And agree about the soup – this week will be mostly about soup and bread as everyone except me is poorly …………… basis veggie soup base stored in the fridge and then "pimped" each day, with butterbeans and coriander, with potato and leftover gravy, with broth mix, with barley and beef stockpot, with black beans and chilli, with tomato and pasta, with chicken and noodles ………………… soup never gets boring LOL

    • says

      I know I replied to this the other day but it seems to have dissappeared!!

      In case you never got my reply, I said that I thought you should write a post with all your soup ideas – not even the full recipe, just ideas of the flavours you use.

      Thanks very much for the naan recipe xx

      • says

        I am in the very last stages of finishing a PDF book about my method for making soups everyday for packed lunches …………….. I am hoping to have it ready for the 1st of Feb to give away free.

        Will let you know as soon as I am finished hon