Our week in pictures (and a few words) – week 4….

I can’t believe another week’s gone by already!

  1.  I know I’ve said before that Miss Frugal is really individual when it comes to her dress sense but this week she came up with one of her worst creations so far – pink tartan effect high tops with black leggings and a leopard print River Island dress.  I tried to suggest some plain shoes but she was having none of it.
  2. I love that Master Frugal is at the age where he likes to do a bit of housework although I’m pretty sure it’s not going to last much longer!
  3. Ring of fire – the best and funniest drinking game ever.  The rules are here if ever you have the need for a drinking game and you fancy trying it;-)
  4. Sledging with the dog in the front garden.
  5. Miss Frugal is growing up so quickly – this is her ‘please can I have…’ look.
  6. We live just a two minute drive from a lovely beach but also a two minute drive to the local steelworks – halfway between natural beauty and industry .  This is a picture of the flare stacks burning off the excess gasses from the works, it’s much brighter than usual for some reason and the sky over the whole town is glowing orange.
  7. My beautiful Buddy.
  8. Poorly Miss Frugal.  I think I’ve used a poorly Miss Frugal picture in each of my round ups so far this year so I’ve written a post to explain why she’s often feeling a little poorly.
  9. Mmmmm chocolate cakes.
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  1. redrosemummy says

    Great photos of your lovely family. Miss Frugal is very on trend don'tcha know. It's all about clashing prints at the moment!

  2. says

    What a cute dog! And another photo of yummy cakes. Must. Have. Cake. Ach sure, the pink tartan high tops are fine to wear with anything on Burns Day week! :) Hope she feels better soon.

  3. helloitsgemma says

    Lovely collection of photos that sum up the week – I admire anyone who can consistently take a photo a day. Love Miss Frugal's 'please can I have look'

  4. says

    hope miss frugal is feeling better, read your post and i am wondering if my daughter suffers from this too? she seems to have lots of the sy xmptoms