Our week in pictures (and a few words) – Week 1….

We’ve been feeling a bit sorry for ourselves this week – apart from the usual post-Christmas blues, we’ve been ill with this stupid virus that everyone seems to have at the minute.  Most days we haven’t even got dressed and we’ve spent the day watching films, playing games and generally doing nothing.

I’m going to try and join in with Project 365 this year by posting a weekly round up of my favourite photos of the week although to be fair, looking at this weeks not very interesting pictures, it’s clear that our first week of 2013 hasn’t been very eventful 😉

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  1. Karizma says

    Hello dear;
    I like your blog so much, and I think that you make me jalous for the lovely and happy times that you are trying to memorize for your family

  2. says

    You'll look back at your weekly posts at the end of the year and remember all of the little things that you'd otherwise forget; even the weeks when you've had illness and germs!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. says

    Perhps not eventful. but despite being ill i think sometimes its just plain nice to do not much at all, we are all under pressure to be doing all the time! Hope yiu feel better though x

  4. Joanne Blunt says

    They're lovely. Plenty of activity around the house even if you haven't managed to get out. Hope everyone is feeling better now.

  5. redrosemummy says

    Lovely photos. A shame you've all been ill but it looks like you've managed to have fun anyway!

  6. says

    sorry to hear you have all been ill :( thats a rubbish start to the new year. however, you have still captured some great family photos. the gingerbread ones are funny
    hope you soon all feel better x