Cool Kid’s bedrooms….

Apparently I’m an awesome mum.

Now obviously, I’ve known this for some time but in the last week, I’ve been told by at least four different people that I’m a great mum so I’m making the title official now – I may even make myself a laminated certificate to put on the fridge door.

The reason for all the extra praise I’ve had this week?  It’s because I posted a couple of photos on my Facebook account of the kid’s bedrooms when we were having a chill out afternoon.

When we moved house, my priority was to get the kids bedrooms done first so they had somewhere comfortable to relax on their own. I think it’s important that they have their own space that they have a say in decorating and where they can express themselves which is why Miss Frugal’s room is pink with lots of hearts, flowers and butterflies along with the more recent addition of boy band posters.  She has a bargain four poster bed with no curtains as they annoyed her so we tucked her teddies around the top – the pinks in the picture are tester posts she is trying out but it’s been weeks now and she still can’t decide the colour she likes best!  The gap on the wall under her name is where we did have a giant map of the world but she took it down as she would rather have One Direction – we can’t put it up though as we’ve lost the blu tac!

Master Frugal has the smaller room but I think we’ve made the most of it with some great storage and a midi sleeper bed that we bought off eBay for £40!  He has some saggy curtains on the bed at the minute and I do have some cool spider web fabric to make some sort of attempt at a curtain (be warned – I may need help with this).  He is superhero mad so even though I would usually steer away from themes that children can quickly grow out of, I agreed on the Avengers mural and the Avengers quilt cover.

The only thing missing from both rooms are curtains – I have a thing about putting up curtain rails and seeing as it’s a new build house, the walls are like paper and I’m convinced they’ll just fall down.  At the minute we have normal blinds but I’m really considering proper blackout blinds.  With my DIY record, I couldn’t buy the ready made ones and would need to call on the services of a made to measure blinds specialist but I think that it would be worth the extra – especially when Summer comes around and we have Sunny early mornings and light nights.

If you’re in the market for some new blinds (or even if you’re not), you could follow Hillarys on Facebook and enter the  Hillarys Facebook competition.  The prizes aren’t blinds though so I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pink blind for Miss Frugal 😉

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