Cheap Family and Friends Railcard….


We love travelling on the train when we go for days out.  I find it a much more relaxing way to travel and we all enjoy the journey much more - especially me as I often put my headphones in and relax, leaving Mr Frugal in charge of the in-train entertainment. It does work out good value for money most of the time as you don't have to pay for petrol or parking but it's even better value if you have a Railcard.  We have a Family and Friends Railcard which has saved us a fortune over the last couple of years and it easily paid for itself when we booked our first journey using it. You can … [Read more...]

#CookitBlogit – The long awaited pulled pork recipe….


One of my News Years Resolutions was to cook a new meal each week and so far I'm sticking to it (almost).  The lovely Emma from Crazy with Twins is also doing something similar so we decided to put our heads together and start a weekly linky for everyone to share their favourite recipes - new or old.  We thought it would be good to have a place where everyone can share their favourite recipes so that when you're looking for a bit of inspiration, you know where to go. Emma's a bit busy today so I'll be hosting the first one and she'll be back next Tuesday to host the second #CookitBlogit. … [Read more...]

This week’s meal plan – the comfort food week….

pulled pork

Why is it on cold dark nights like we're having at the minute, when you just want to come home and snuggle on the settee with a mug of hot chocolate, we seem to have more planned than usual?  Answers on the back of a postcard please! Another busy week coming up this week for us so if we have any hopes of eating properly, the slow cooker is going to be earning it's keep over the next few days. Sunday - We finally got around to trying the pulled pork recipe this week and it was totally worth the wait!  I'll be blogging the recipe later in the week when the new recipe linky that I'll be running … [Read more...]

Our week in pictures (and a few words) – week 4….

week 3 2

I can't believe another week's gone by already!  I know I've said before that Miss Frugal is really individual when it comes to her dress sense but this week she came up with one of her worst creations so far - pink tartan effect high tops with black leggings and a leopard print River Island dress.  I tried to suggest some plain shoes but she was having none of it. I love that Master Frugal is at the age where he likes to do a bit of housework although I'm pretty sure it's not going to last much longer! Ring of fire - the best and funniest drinking game ever.  The rules are here if … [Read more...]