Time to count your blessings….


As wonderful as this time time of year can be, it also makes me a little bit sad at times. I can't help but feel sad that New Years Eve marks the end of another year without my Mum and brother and just knowing that I'm about to start another year without them makes me want to just stop everything and have a good wallow in self pity sometimes. But I won't do that.  I won't let myself think about it too much because even though I don't have them with me, I have a lot of other lovely people around me and I know that I'm very, very lucky and I just need to focus on that a little more. So … [Read more...]

Money Makeover….

Money Makeover

The New Year is as good a time as any to make a conscious decision to look at your financial situation and take stops to improve it and I know that lots of you will be thinking about this over the coming days and weeks as I will be. So to help you out and also to remind myself of all the things I should be doing to make sure my own finances are in the best position that they can be in, I'm going to be doing a post every Monday with ways to save money on different things in your life. I'll leave you each week with a little task or a change to make and although you don't have to do … [Read more...]

2013 in pictures – Part 2….


Here's the second part of my photo review of the year.... July August  September October November December So there you go, what a brilliant year we've had - let's hope 2014 is just as good. … [Read more...]

2013 in pictures – Part 1….


Now that Christmas is over and done with, I'm ready to reflect on the year we've had and start planning for next year. 2013 has been a brilliant year and we've done a lot together and made lots of happy memories which is what it's all about!  Here's the first six months of this year in pictures.... January February March April May June I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2 ;-) … [Read more...]