A not very Christmassy ranty post….

Both of my children have beautiful red hair….

beth and johnny

They’ve always loved the colour of their hair and to my knowledge, until this week nothing negative has ever  really been said to them about their hair colour.  Just the opposite in fact, they often get stopped by people who tell them how lovely it is.

We’ve had a few incidents like this and this – but I don’t really think they’re the same as they weren’t outright nasty comments made to their faces like we’ve experienced this week.

I took them into town as I had a problem with my mobile phone and had to spend over an hour in the shop while they sorted out (now that’s a whole other ranty post).  Anyway, the poor kids naturally got bored sat in the shop for so long so after they’d played on just about every display phone in the shop, I sent them to the shop next door to buy themselves a cake each.

I made them eat the cakes in the doorway of the shop (cake crumbs, sticky icing and mobile phones aren’t a great mix) and as I was sat watching them, I saw a little boy of about 10 or 11 approach them and say something.  I knew it wasn’t nice by the expression on his face and the fact that Miss Frugal automatically reached for her brothers hand.

Obviously I went straight to them and Master Frugal pointed at the boy stood with him mother and two younger children and told me that he’d just called them stupid ginger ninjas.  The boy by this time was sniggering with the older of other two children and while I was stood there, the two of them walked right up to us and said the same thing!

It’s not my place to tell other children off when their mother is stood less than 10 feet away but I said very loudly to my two that they should ignore them as they were just being mean and obviously weren’t very nice children.  The mother had managed to light her cigarette by this point so actually looked up to see what her children was doing.

She started to pay attention just in time to hear her two delightful children call mine Ginger Idiots!  She didn’t even have the grace to look embarrassed and certainly didn’t make any attempt to tell them off.  She just started walking away and her children followed – not without a final parting ‘ginger ninja idiots’ shout though.

The sad thing is that Master Frugal uses Ginger Ninja and variations of it all the time to refer to himself – we even have a Mii character on our Wii that he made to look like himself and nicknamed the Ginger Ninja.  It’s always made us laugh in the past but he’s not so sure about the name any more now thanks to one nasty little boy.

I’ll never understand why it’s OK to single out anyone for the colour of their hair (or for anything else for that matter) but one thing I do know is that children aren’t born with prejudices of any kind. It’s our responsibility to teach them that it’s wrong to single other people out for their differences to us – my two wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they saw a gay couple walking down the street, they understand that people are the same no matter what colour their hair or skin is and although they have the usual arguments and spats with their friends, they will never be bullies.

I’m proud of my children, I wonder if the parent of the mean children we encountered this week can say the same?


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  1. says

    I know this is a long time late, but I found your blog when searching for Christmas (as you do in September) and just had to comment on the rude, ignorant, nastiness of the other children. It doesn't surprise me, unfortunately, as I've seen this done in person AND with parents watching. I don't get the attraction or why the parents don't stop the kids; but that is another rant completely.
    I wanted to say that Ginger Ninja is a cracking nickname; ninjas are cool and great at fighting prejudice, ignorance and bad attitudes from other people, mostly by being able to shake it off and not letting it affect them. The fault lies not in the attacked but the attackers. Hopefully your children (whose hair colour is SPECTACULAR and very lovely) will be strong enough as they grow up to give children like this a look of disdain and to walk away confident that the issue is not that THEY have red hair but that the other children have BAD MANNERS (and useless parents)
    BTW, I hope you still have Ginger Ninja as a Mii? Too good not to use, and well worth keeping!

  2. Yasmine says

    I've just discover your website and love it. I was livid reading this today and can't believe the mother. your kids are beautiful and I wish I had their hair color rather than my boring black :)

  3. says

    I do not understand such ridiculous cruelty, but wanted say, I wish my hair was such a beautiful colour to your children's. So warm, rich and super soft looking – jealous, those children must have been jealous. I know I am. 😀

  4. says

    Hey Ginger Ninjas are awesome, surely you knew this and if you didn't you do now ;o)
    These silly children were obviously jealous of such beautiful hair and for every nasty little comment there will be ten lovely ones.
    Your children are beautiful and I for one love their hair.

    Beki xx

  5. Leebee says

    Hi we are a family of red heads so understand you entirely.Kids can be cruel and adults can be ignorant(as proven)I think that ginger comments are an easy target for nasty children, to make and i have found that it makes you thick skinned as a person.For some reason girls with red head have an easier time than boys.My lad is 16 now and is so quick with a response its funny,its only the stupid or the people that feel inadequate themselves that usually comment.
    Hope this helps.
    Love Lee x x

    • says

      Hi Lee, I think you're right about the girls v boys thing and I just hope my son copes as well as it sounds like yours does. I might teach him a few replies lol.
      Thanks for commenting x x

  6. says

    That is pretty terrible. Honestly that the mother didn't say anything to her children appals me. Some children don't get the best start in life do they.

  7. says

    Your kids are absolutely gorgeous and these sad little kids are just that sad and singled them out because they are different to them, but they're different in a good way not a bad way! For a start they aren't rude little gits that say mean things to other children and they have gorgeous ginger hair rather than boring brown or blonde hair like everyone else on the street, at least they have it for free I've been dying mine for the last year so I can have hair just like theirs! As for the ginger ninja thing, I would say ninja's are cool and to be a ginger ninja is even more special because there aren't many of them about, like a rare pokemon or moshi monster 😉 x

  8. says

    Oh that's made me so sad :( Your children have gorgeous hair! Tell Miss Frugal I would do anything to have her gorgeous locks of hair! Mine is the most boring plain colour of brown you could come across! x x

  9. hollishobby says

    I think you did remarkably well not to say something to the mother, I get very upset about that sort of stuff, I probably shouldn't You're children are utterly gorgeous and their red hair will always be beautiful. xxx