A new skill for life….

I’ve just discovered a disturbing fact about Miss Frugal!

She can make herself cry convincingly – in any situation – in less than 20 seconds!

This newly discovered talent does worry me a little as I’m never going to know if she’s genuinely upset about something or if she’s just faking it. But at the same time, I’m secretly a little proud having just watched her in action.

She’s just done it when her Dad said we might be too busy to take her ice skating at the weekend.  Her eyes welled up and her bottom lip shook as she explained that it was OK if we didn’t take her, she understood that sometimes grown ups didn’t have time for fun stuff.

Obviously he couldn’t say no after such a display so he’s now agreed that we’ll go ice skating at the weekend  Although I’m not sure he’ll be so willing to go when he finds out he’s been had!

She was so pleased with herself that she told me about her ‘talent’ and showed me again how she did it and I think the school are missing out by casting her as Angel number 7.

She would clearly make a fantastically emotional Mary with those acting skills 😉

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